Garden Ideas and Tips

Are you looking for garden ideas, tips and inspiration? We have gathered all the top gardening posts and listed them all right here:

Garden Tips

— Growing a Home Garden 101

— Summer Vegetables that Yield a Fall Harvest in San Diego

— 14 Reasons to Start Using Compost in Your Garden

— Simple Gardening: 10 Steps for Beginning Gardeners

— Have Your Garden Certified as Earth-Friendly by Master Gardeners

— Tips for Gardening Organically with Beneficial Insects

— 10 Fire Safe Plants to Consider Using in the Garden

— Buy Fresh: Roundup of CSAs in San Diego

— How to Garden in Southern California Clay Soil

— Fire Your Gardener: Save Money (and Get Fit) Doing Your Own Yard Work

— 10 Gardening Apps To Help Turbocharge Your Garden

— 10 Ways to Make Seed Starting Pots from Repurposed Household Items

— Home and Garden Gift Guide

— 10 Home and Garden Resolutions for the New Year

— Allergen-Free Gardening Tips: Landscape Design Ideas for Allergy Sufferers

— 10 Super Foods to Grow Yourself

— How to Eat Southern California’s Fall Vegetables: Cookbooks and Recipes

— Why Indoor Vertical Gardens Are Good for Your Home and Health

— 11 Apps for Busy Homeowners

— 50 Tips for Reducing Chemicals in Your Home and Yard

— Chemical-Free Yard Care: Natural and Organic Gardening Tips

— 45 Tips For Natural Garden Pest Control

— 70 Ways to Use Baking Soda in the Home and Garden

— Make Your Ornamental Garden Beds Stand Out

— The Benefits of Growing Your Own Food

— Start Your Own Compost Today & Begin Reaping the Benefits!

— REDUCE Your Tedious Gardening Tasks by Taking Your Potted Plants Outdoors

— How to Get Children Interested in Gardening

Garden Themes

— How to Apply Feng Shui in Your Garden

— How to Build a Pocket Garden

— How to Incorporate Themed Gardens in Backyard Landscaping

— How to Create a Japanese Garden

— How To Add a Water Garden To Your Backyard

— Making the Most of Your Rose Garden

— A Meditation Garden is Your Escape from Reality

— 25 Tips for Starting a Small Vegetable Garden

— How to Plant an Attractive Home Vegetable Garden

— How to Plan and Grow a Vertical Garden

— How to Plant a Container Garden to Enhance Your Yard

— 10 Shade Succulents For Your Drought-Tolerant Garden

Garden Inspiration

— 36 of the Best Gardening Quotes from Famous People

— The Modern Potager: How to Design an Attractive Kitchen Garden

— Home & Garden: What’s HOT & What’s NOT

— 16 Home and Garden Trends for 2014

— Cool Garden Tools and Gadgets You May Not Have Tried Yet

— 4 Family-Friendly San Diego Gardens Full of Landscaping Ideas & Inspiration


— 5 Herbs You Can Grow to Make Herbal Health Remedies

— Herb Garden Ideas: Best Herbs to Grow for Family Health

— Growing Herbs: Which Herbs and Home Remedies Can I Grow at Home?

— Herbs Every Gardener Should Grow

Trees, Plants & Flowers

— San Diego Nursery Roundup: The Ultimate Guide

— 10 Easy Care Plants for San Diego Gardens

— How to Decorate Your Home and Garden with Air Plants

— Top 8 Trees to Plant in Your San Diego Backyard

— All About the San Diego Nifty 50 Plant List

— How to Incorporate Bamboo in Your Landscaping Design

— 5 Exotic Fruit Trees To Grow In San Diego

— All About San Diego’s Iconic Tree: The Torrey Pine

— Invasive Plants: Threats to San Diego’s Natural Habitat & You

— SoCal Palm Trees: History & Which Ones LOVE it Here

— Get Inspired by Gorgeous Ways to Use Pantone Radiant Orchid in Your Garden

— How to Grow Cymbidium Orchids Outside in San Diego

— 10 Edible Flowers To Consider Growing In Your Garden

— 3 Easy Flower Bulbs to Grow Indoors

— Tips for Growing Hydrangeas in Southern California

— Southern California Gardening Ideas: Picking the Perfect Perennials for Your San Diego Garden

— Can I Add Year-Round Color to My Garden Using California Native Plants?

— Which Fruit Trees Should I Plant in San Diego?

— 10 Low-Growing Plants to Consider Next to Garden Walkways and Paths

— How to Grow Indoor Palm Trees

— 6 Tips To Keep Your Houseplants Alive & Healthy

— Landscaping Tips for Shade: Planting Shade Gardens

— 20 Low-Maintenance Plants for Your Yard

— EASY Tips for Pruning Your Plants

— Quick Guide: How to Care for Annuals

— What to do With Your Easter Plants

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