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Guaranteed to Remove Urine Smells From:

Artificial Grass Artificial Grass
Carpeting Carpeting
Hardscapes & Pavers Hardscapes & Pavers
Rugs Rugs
Upholstery Upholstery

Directions for general use:

  1. Remove/Cleanup as much of the affected area as possible before applying Urine Zero.
  2. Mix Urine Zero well before use.
  3. Pretest on a small hidden area for colorfastness. If any color appears on the cloth then discontinue use.
  4. Since Urine Zero is a 10X concentrate, you will need to dilute the formula prior to use. Dilute 1 part Urine Zero to 9 parts water. You cannot deviate from this dilution ratio or it won’t work.
    • For a 1-gallon pump sprayer, mix 12.8 oz of Urine Zero with 115.2 oz of water. 
    • For a 32 oz spray bottle, mix 3.2 oz of Urine Zero with 28.8 oz of water.
    • For a 24 oz spray bottle, mix 2.4 oz of Urine Zero with 21.6 oz of water.
    • For a 16 oz spray bottle, mix 1.6 oz of Urine Zero with 14.4 oz of water.
  1. Generously spray the entire problem area by saturating it completely. It is essential that Urine Zero comes in contact with all affected areas for it to work its magic. If the product doesn’t come in contact with ALL affected areas it will not be able to rid all of the odor-causing bacteria.
  2. Repeat for older stubborn odors.

To remove urine smell from carpet, rugs and upholstery:

  1. After mixing, saturate the backing and padding with Urine Zero.
  2. Allow for the product to remain on the problem area for at least 15 minutes up to 24 hours.
  3. Blot or vacuum with a wet-vac to remove the residual liquid.
  4. Allow the area to dry naturally/completely before use.
  5. Repeat for older stubborn odors.

To remove urine smell from artificial grass, pavers and hardscapes:

  1. Apply the product early in the morning or evening to minimize evaporation from the sun.  We recommend applying the product in the evening when the sun goes down so it has the ability to work throughout the night uninterrupted.
  2. Use enough product to thoroughly penetrate the surface down to the foundation, coming in contact with all affected areas (i.e. the class II road base and/or DG for artificial grass/pavers).
  3. Allow Urine Zero to work its magic until the odor is gone.
  4. Repeat for older stubborn odors.

Urine Zero Reviews

GraysonVerified Buyer
Tucson, AZ

Great Value and goes a long way! Followed the instructions to the Tee and it worked as it should. I’ve tried the big brands and this has out performed them drastically! 8/3/2022

Kent & Vicki PartidaVerified Buyer
Las Vegas, NV

With 2 dogs and hot summers, we needed something that performs better than Simple Green and we have found this to be the best. Concentrate so you get many uses out of 1 bottle. You wont be disappointed in this product! 3/2/22

Allie H.Verified Buyer

Dog ammonia odor gone. Followed directions exactly and the odor is gone. Have used once/month for maintenance of dog run and it eliminates odor. 1/8/22

Scott BrownVerified Buyer
San Diego, CA

I ordered a one gallon jug in July and have just placed another order. We have a few hundred square feet of artificial grass in our yard that the dogs love to pee on. After trying many other brands of urine odor eliminator products, this product when mixed correctly and used consistently seems to work the best. You may have to repeat the process a few times, but it does work. 11/19/21

Jackie RowellVerified Buyer
Erie, CO

I purchased this product hoping it would take away urine smell in my dog run. It exceeded my expectations. Having gravel in a dog run allows urine to seep down. I can honestly say this product works like magic and gets rid of the smell. I’ve tried other products but they wouldn’t last. 11/1/21

Amanda C. NeesVerified Buyer
La Quinta, CA

I’m a 110% clean freak and extremely sensitive to orders so I decided to give urine zero a try. Much to my surprise, it has exceeded my expectations. Urine zero has definitely done the trick in keeping our turf clean and urine order less. I’m not sure if it’s due to our doge being a 20 pound senior dog or that we have begun treating our turf from the day it was… Read More

Jessica TursiVerified Buyer
Port St. Lucie, FL

We have searched for years for the best artificial grass cleaner and have had very little luck! Finally with a lot of research we came across this cleaner and it actually works and last awhile too! we have two dogs (one big and one small) and have absolutely zero smell!! 8/12/21

Fran LuttrellVerified Buyer
Summerville, SC

Works great on dog urine. Leaves carpet smelling nice. 9/1/21

Susan ParkerVerified Buyer
Charlotte, NC

I have used Urine Zero for years. I have tried everything. The natural options, the chemical options, the do-it-yourself options, etc. This crushes pet urine odor. I used to have artificial turf at my old house and now my two large pups are trained to potty on the river pebble area at my current home. Urine drying and baking in the sun can stink up an area quickly and once it’s baked… Read More

Sally EsteyVerified Buyer
Cameron Park, CA

We have used just about every product on the market advertised to remove pet urine Oder from turf. They all smell good for about 1 day and then the smell is back. Urine zero is amazing. We treat the turf and just rinse periodically with water…smells amazing. We have 2 Labradors using this for their potty area, so we treat about once a week. Well worth the investment. 6/10/21

Gayle DarhowerVerified Buyer
Campbelltown, PA

We had artificial turf put down for our dogs potty area and it did not take too long before “the smell” came! We thought we had tried every product there was and nothing worked. But…we found Urine Zero and it works!!! It really does. I would recommend this product to anyone with artificial turf for their dogs potty area. 6/9/21

Priscilla KenneyVerified Buyer
Woodinville, WA

I have bought this product over and over as I have a turf area that nothing worked for urine but this. I can’t afford to get more at once and they run out. 1-gallon last me about 2 weeks. I have 3 Labs. Turf products etc nothing else works. Don’t waste your money, spend more and get a good product.  7/17/21

Keith McPhersonVerified Buyer
Pinole, CA

I have used this product for a while now. It is the best product thus far for artificial turf. I use it on a large area of turf and have two large German Shepherds. It is a must buy!!! 5/1/2021

PattiVerified Buyer
Overland Park, KS

Best product for removing urine smell on artificial turf. I have a small apartment patio with astroturf for my little dog. Takes the smell away for a long time. 5/3/21

David HopeVerified Buyer
Peoria, AZ

We put an artificial lawn in the backyard last year. It took about 1.5 weeks to start stinking from our 2 dogs urinating on it. I tried other products but none of them really worked to take away the odor. This stuff DOES work and the smell is pleasant without being over-powering. I am not a scientist, but as I understand it, Urine Zero has enzymes that breakdown the uric acid crystals… Read More

Bryant WolfsbergerVerified Buyer
Dana Point, CA

We have searched and searched for a product to remove the urine smell from our turf and we finally found something that works. Urine Zero does the trick FINALLY! We’ve tried to train our dog to not pee on the turf but she is stuck in her ways and now It doesn’t bother me at all because I can’t smell the urine anymore. I will definitely be referring this product to all… Read More

Marsha UmanosVerified Buyer
Mesa, AZ

Urine zero has been a life saver for our backyard artificial turf. We have two dogs and this is the only product that truly works! Well worth the money, which is a great value compared to other products. I will continue to be a loyal customer. 3/8/21

Holly OrlandoVerified Buyer
Las Vegas, NV

Urine Zero saved my outdoor turf. With 2 Boxers using the turf daily to relieve themselves, I couldn’t manage the smell and I tried everything! I stumbled upon Urine Zero though an internet search and before we ripped out our turf, we thought we try one last product. Urine Zero did the job. We applied daily for the first 3 or 4 days and the smell was gone. The Las Vegas heat… Read More

David KirbyVerified Buyer
Mesa, AZ

We live in a desert climate and in the summer the urine smell just doesn’t dissipate from the turf. One use of Urine Zero and that changed. It works so well that the beloved family dog can’t find her favorite “spot” anymore. We ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT. 3/7/21

Kathryn QuartararoVerified Buyer
San Clemente, CA

Great Product! My backyard is Refreshed! No more Stinky Urine! Absolutely love this product! We have 2 dogs (1 female, 1 male) and our backyard is mostly brick hardscape. It has been a constant struggle to neutralize the smell. We wash it down daily and have tried multiple other products, but nothing has seemed to mitigate the strong urine scent. We applied this product around dusk, as directed, and the next days… Read More

Shelley DavenportVerified Buyer
San Diego, CA

We tried everything to get the dog urine smell out of our artificial turf and this actually worked. Make sure to follow the mixing instructions exactly and it does just what it says it will. Can finally enjoy our backyard again! 12/17/20

Darryl MitchellVerified Buyer
Costa Mesa, CA

I tried various products in the past that seemed to cover up the order and offer a short period of relief only for the smell to come right back once the fragrance wore off. Urine Zero is different !!!! the urine smell is 100% gone and I couldn’t be more pleased with the results !!!!!!!! thank you !! 11/22/20

Pamela McCarthyVerified Buyer
Las Vegas, NV

I have tried everything. DIY Vinegar Solution = did not work for me, Amazon Top Odor Removal Products = did not work for me, other products that claimed to remove urine odor = did not work for me. I tried them all, trust me, and have been so frustrated that nothing worked. I finally found Urine Zero on Google and am so thankful that I didn’t give up my search. It works… Read More

Tiffany EckersVerified Buyer
Corona, CA

I really wanted the 32oz option but it was out of stock so I went with the 10X concentrate. I emailed them asking when they thought they might have it back in stock and they didn’t have a concrete answer because of all the spray bottle shortages due to COVID-19. I have to say, the only reason I wanted to purchase the 32oz was that I wanted to try it out first…. Read More

Kelly IbarraVerified Buyer
Hayward, CA

This review is long overdue. It’s hard to put into words how thrilled I am about the product and how great it works. 🙂 My yard smells TERRIFIC and the great thing is that I no longer have to worry about urine smells ever again. I must also thank Jamie and her wonderful customer service. I had a few questions about how to apply Urine Zero with my garden hose and she… Read More

Sherry LueckVerified Buyer
Laguna Niguel, CA

I just received my urine zero order and was so excited to test it out I have tried so many products searching for one that truly eliminates the urine smell from my dogs going Pee on my artificial turf wow!!! I am so happy to report that after following the application tip sheet that came with the bottle on my turf last night I now have a wonderful smelling backyard again this… Read More

Tyler O'BrienVerified Buyer
Scottsdale, AZ

Everyone who has pets needs a bottle or two of Urine Zero in their cleaning supply toolkit. As the temperatures continue to climb this summer our outside areas were off-limits due to the pee smell. We tried watering the areas down right after our dogs would pee and used many other online/Amazon products to spray on the pee and unfortunately, the pee odor remained no matter what we tried. Urine Zero not… Read More

Jared TownsendVerified Buyer
Newport Beach, CA

Fantastic Product! I purchased Urine Zero on Monday, received it on Wednesday and the urine odor was gone by the weekend…heck yeah, that’s what I am talking about! Thanks, guys, I’ll be back once I am running low! 7/24/20

Tracey HutsonVerified Buyer
Encinitas, CA

My go-to source is always Amazon when I am in need of a product like this and when I kept striking out I decided to start Googling. So happy I didn’t rely on Amazon’s options alone. I probably tried 4-6 different odor remover products on Amazon, if not more, and they all didn’t do the job. Every single one was highly rated too (Amazon’s Choice, Best Seller) with lots of great reviews… Read More

Daniel RaborneVerified Buyer
San Diego, CA

It freakin works and I love it!!! Follow the DIRECTIONS people and you will be happy like me and everyone else who has purchased Urine Zero. When they say you must dilute it properly, that is 100% true. They really explain it well on their site, which details that the 10X is related to the preservatives and has nothing to do with the concentration of the product. The reason I say this… Read More

Suzanne FalkVerified Buyer
Mesa, AZ

AMAZING Product! Like so many others, I too have tried just about everything and this is the best! If I am going to have guests coming over, I make sure to treat my yard the night before and the next day I have a fresh smelling outdoor living area! Simply The Best! 10/22/20

Teresa IrwinVerified Buyer
Las Vegas, NV

Legit product!!! It really works. My artificial grass smells fresh again thanks to Urine Zero! I will be back when my 10X gallon is gone. 10/15/20

Roger WadlingtonVerified Buyer
San Diego, CA

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! You saved my backyard and I could not be happier with your product! I have 2 frenchie’s and a chihuahua who have been turning my backyard into a stinky outhouse. Since I discovered Urine Zero those days are long gone and my wife and I can enjoy our backyard again! 9/16/20

Chester ClaphamVerified Buyer
Las Vegas, NV

The real deal! So happy my friend told me about this. The stuff works so well I was literally blown away. He told me that I had to try it for my artificial grass areas and I finally pulled the trigger on it and wish I listened to him sooner. I really thought he was blowing smoke up my behind and it wasn’t going to work or would be similar to the… Read More

Sharon BledsoeVerified Buyer
San Diego, CA

THE BEST!!! I am now on my 5th gallon of the 10x concentrate and so so so happy! I have 4 bulldogs and didn’t think anything was going to help me get rid of the stink in my backyard. If you’re reading this and not sure if you should buy Urine Zero to remove your urine odor, please buy it, you won’t regret it. I continue to help spread the word to… Read More

Dana HolbrookVerified Buyer
Dallas, TX

After doing extensive research scouring the internet, talking to friends and pet professionals, I purchased four different Urine Odor Removers and conducted my own tests on my backyard artificial turf. Two of the products were top-rated on Amazon and two were ones I found on Google via blogs/forums. I am an engineer who is extremely detail-oriented and I tried to be as scientific as possible to ensure I treated each product exactly… Read More

Shawn LutzVerified Buyer
Phoenix, AZ

I had to write this review because I am one of those people that doesn’t like reading directions. I take things out of boxes and just try to put them together. So with this product, I just opened it up and started using it as is in its concentrate form. To me, I thought that the more concentrated it is the better it would work. I honestly thought the 10X meant it… Read More

Debbie BachmanVerified Buyer
Austin, TX

The urine smell is gone! Yay! I am very pleased with Urine Zero! The product arrived with application instructions and worked as advertised. If you are on the fence due to the cost or unsure if it really works, I was in the same boat and am very glad I made the purchase. It’s actually cheaper than any other product out there and it really does remove the urine odor. Happy customer,… Read More

Sam WohlVerified Buyer
Phoenix, AZ

If you’re like me, you have tried a ton of products and none of them seem to work. Yep, I am not sure why some of the products on Amazon have such great reviews, to be honest with you. The current TOP rated product that Amazon is pushing did NOT work for me, nor did several of their other top-rated products. I am so happy to have found Urine Zero and I… Read More

Marcus PetersenVerified Buyer
Dallas, TX

BOOOOM! Urine Zero nails it! The funny or I guess not so funny thing is how much money I have wasted searching for a product that does everything that Urine Zero does. Urine Odor GONE, not covered up, GONE! Well done guys, I’ll be back for more! 6/15/20

Kevin HutchersonVerified Buyer
Las Vegas, NV

Incredible! This is the ONLY product you need! Urine Zero works and I absolutely love it!!! 6/27/20

Mike HartigVerified Buyer
Concord, CA

We bought our home in 2015 and had synthetic grass installed in the backyard shortly thereafter. We have 3 little dogs that used it for their business for the last 5 years. After a couple years we noticed the disgusting smell of urine and figured it was the grass after years of being peed on. I tried hosing it down but that didn’t work. We live in the Bay Area in CA… Read More

Alex BrennanVerified Buyer
San Diego, CA

Just buy it! What can I say that everyone else hasn’t said? I have 4 dogs that enjoy peeing on my artificial grass and I am telling you there isn’t a product out there that works like Urine Zero. NOTHING else works! Just buy it and see for yourself! 5/1/20

Kathleen HaberVerified Buyer
Carlsbad, CA

Thank you Jamie, you guys rock! This product awesome and the best thing I’ve used (I have two large German Shepherd’s and I’ve had turf for 4 years nothing seems to work until I tried your product…I’m so excited I thought I’d never find anything). I think that’s why I’m so excited to get my second bottle. Hah..I want to make sure I always have it on hand.  Outstanding product and customer… Read More

Susan RobertsonVerified Buyer
Mission Viejo, CA

Just in time for Father’s Day Weekend! Thank you for the 10% Off Coupon and for saving our BBQ celebration we have scheduled with all our friends and family coming over. Our yard smells great now and we couldn’t be happier. The Robertson Family 6/20/20

Gerald MorrisVerified Buyer
Las Vegas, NV

Perfect timing for 4th of July Weekend! Thanks, guys for getting this to me in time. I just tried it out last night and I couldn’t more thrilled. This is an amazing product that I will be buying over and over again because it works that well. My yard was disgusting and now I can actually go back there and enjoy it. If you need something that works to get rid of… Read More

Robert CampbellVerified Buyer
San Juan Capistrano, CA

If you have artificial turf and pets and live in a warm climate, then Urine Zero is an absolute must purchase. Since it has been heating up outside, our turf has been getting smellier and smellier. We can’t even keep our windows or doors open to get a nice breeze because the urine smell will waft throughout the house, which awful. Glad to have found Urine Zero. Very happy customer! 6/17/20

Meghan ThomasVerified Buyer
San Mateo, CA

Thank you Urine Zero! I was skeptical and didn’t really want to fork out $99 to get rid of the pee smell, but I am so happy I nudged myself to give it a try. It was worth every penny and it’s going to last me a long time too since it’s really 10 gallons.  I followed the directions that came with the bottle and it removed ALL urine odors completely, they… Read More

Frank OrlandoVerified Buyer
Las Vegas, NV

I had to send you guys a quick email.  I’ve got artificial turf in my backyard in Las Vegas.  We have 2 sixty five pound Boxers (Luke and Leia) and they go number 1 on the turf several times a day and have for years.  The hot summer days draws out a pretty foul smell even after watering the turf several times a day.  We have tried every “Odor eliminator” known to… Read More

Brian DaigleVerified Buyer
Palo Alto, CA

You may be thinking that $99 is expensive which is what I thought at first too. Once I started comparing prices I realized that Urine Zero was actually a bargain. You have to understand that it is a concentrate. Just like they break down the math on the site, you are getting 10 gallons of useable product when you purchase the 10X concentrate. I have four relatively large dogs and I can… Read More

Scott KarcichVerified Buyer
Oakland, CA

Happy customer! Money well spent and I will gladly spend $100 again and again! Urine Zero has transformed my back and side yard from a place I never wanted to be to one that I can enjoy again. Thank you UZ, I have already been telling all my friends about you! 4/17/20

Julia MendozaVerified Buyer
Campbell, CA

I was skeptical too and the price of $100 at first glance had me second-guessing, but I am so happy I went with my gut feeling and tried it. Do yourself a favor and just buy Urine Zero!  It works so well and really is a bargain when you do the math. Happy, Happy, Happy!!! 4/23/20

Marie DavisVerified Buyer
San Carlos, CA

I just tried the product last night on my dog run and the awful smell is gone this morning! I am very happy to have found a product that really works! Thank you Urine Zero and thanks for the July 4th discount too 🙂 6/25/20

Rochelle AshleyVerified Buyer
Temecula, CA

The customer service is amazing! I emailed in with some questions about my situation and Jamie was terrific. She answered all my questions and walked me through the best application tips for my yard. I followed her instructions and it worked perfectly! My yard smells great and I owe it all to Urine Zero and their fantastic customer service. Jamie, in particular, was super! 6/5/20

Steve HolzerVerified Buyer
Houston, TX

BEST product out there! It does the job and does it extremely well! If you have pets that are peeing on your turf or wherever, Urine Zero is a must. Unless you don’t care about the smell. I live in Texas and when it gets toasty the smell is horrendous. I have tried other products but they DO NOT WORK! I am not sure how some of them have positive reviews because… Read More

Todd GainesVerified Buyer
Phoenix, AZ

Definitely the best urine odor remover product out there. I’ve tried everything I could get my hands on over the years and none of them work like Urine Zero. It’s not even close. The second I used Urine Zero, I tossed all the other products I had collected in the trash. I am extremely happy and will only be buying from these guys moving forward! 5/24/20  

Katie RichwalskiVerified Buyer
Denver, CO

WOW! I can’t express how happy I am. We can finally enjoy our backyard again!!! Our family did not go in our backyard anymore because it smelled like an outhouse and we didn’t know what to do about it. We have 2 golden retrievers that have been going pee on our artificial grass for years and the smell has become unbearable. We tried so many different products over the years and nothing… Read More

Nina TedrowVerified Buyer
Santa Monica, CA

Thank you so much, my yard has been saved! I honestly started thinking I was going to have to live with the smell! Couldn’t be more impressed with Urine Zero’s effectiveness. I read all the positive reviews but now I am a huge fan! 6/12/20  

Jennifer HartmanVerified Buyer
San Diego, CA

Thanks, Jamie, you were so helpful and I appreciate all the time you spent answering my email questions. I contacted Jamie because I didn’t quite understand the instructions and she happily walked me through the application instructions so I understood what to do for my yard. Not many companies care to do that and I really appreciate the fact that they care about their customers. On top of that, the product works… Read More

Joyce DoughertyVerified Buyer
San Diego, CA

So happy! Finally an answer to my turf odor. This has been a problem for me for such a long time and I can’t say how relieved I am to have found something that actually works. Just like a lot of the other reviewers, I have tried so many products which all didn’t work. $99 is the best money I have spent in a long time. I will be a customer for… Read More

Natalie HarmonVerified Buyer
Murrieta, CA

Thank you for saving our backyard! We have abandoned that area for quite some time due to the smell. We couldn’t find anything that did much of anything besides cover up the odor. We were desperate and thankfully a friend told us about a product they were using which was Urine Zero. We bought it immediately on their strong recommendation and couldn’t wait to try it. Our package arrived promptly with best… Read More

Cindy PowellVerified Buyer
San Jose, CA

YES, YES, YES! I am sooo happy! I have 3 Yorkies who are on the older side and when I am away for any length of time have a tendency to tinkle on my carpet. I tried various products at Home Depot and purchased a bunch on Amazon over the years but none of them truly worked.  A good friend of mine lives in San Diego and had turf installed by Install-It-Direct… Read More

Dan MerzenVerified Buyer
San Diego, CA

Thank you so much, Jamie, you were so helpful and your advice worked perfectly! Talk about great customer service, these guys really know their stuff. If you have any questions about how to use Urine Zero they are truly experts. 4/8/20

Dustin BauerVerified Buyer
Dana Point, CA

I am so grateful to have found Urine Zero. I am a repeat customer on my 3rd bottle of the 10X concentrate solution. I have several rental properties and make sure my maintenance crews have a bottle on hand to treat the artificial turf each time they service the property.    It really is a great value. It lasts a long time and works like charm every time. I love it and my… Read More

Jennifer LeeVerified Buyer
San Diego, CA

Great Product, Great Service, and a Great Price! I’m extremely happy with my results, thanks Urine Zero! 6/7/20

Leanne TaylorVerified Buyer
Tucson, AZ

With everything that is going on right now we are spending a lot more time in our backyard these days and noticed how bad our yard really smelled. It was bad, especially now that the weather is heating up! We have 3 BIG dogs that like to pee in various areas in our yard so we went online to see what we could do about it and purchased a few products that… Read More

Travis WatkinsVerified Buyer
San Diego, CA

Fantastic product! I use it at my own house where I have two dogs and two cats. I also have a few rental properties with fake turf in the front and backyards and it works great there too. Nothing else works quite like Urine Zero. I highly recommend it! 5/1/20

Cathy RiesenVerified Buyer
San Diego, CA

I love this product! As other reviewers have stated, it really works and by works I mean it removes the urine odor for good! I also have to say that I really like the fragrance. I often find myself spraying it on my fake lawn before I plan to go outside because I enjoy the fresh scent that much.  Urine Zero, thank you for solving my stinky turf problem! 5/22/20

Jack BarclayVerified Buyer
Dallas, TX

Well worth the $100 I spent on this product and I will be happy to continue buying it because it’s the only product I have found that actually removes the ammonia smell from my dogs peeing on my patio. All the other urine odor removers just covered up the smell but this product removes it. Happy to be a Urine Zero customer. 4/23/20

Rick MeyerVerified Buyer
San Diego, CA

Awesome stuff! IT REALLY WORKS! I had been using a few Amazon products over the years to treat my dog’s bathroom areas and they worked to cover up the odor for a short period but the smell would always come back. I really thought that was the best I was going to be able to do, just cover the smell up. I had no idea there was a product that could remove… Read More

Taylor SwingtonVerified Buyer
San Jose, CA

So excited to have found Urine Zero 🙂 I have been searching for this exact product for years and finally located it! With a house full of furry loved ones this is an essential product to have on hand. I made a bunch of diluted bottles from the concentrate and have them throughout my house so it’s handy when I need it. I also purchased the pump sprayer for outside and that… Read More

Bob MuellerVerified Buyer
San Diego, CA

Simply the best! Great customer service when I had a few followup questions and the product is incredible. It really is. I just purchased my 4th gallon of Urine Zero concentrate which says it all right there — happy camper 🙂 5/2/20

Donna SchmidtVerified Buyer
San Diego, CA

We had ripped up our turf once already due to the horrible urine smell from our dogs and were just about ready to do it again because nothing, I mean nothing we had tried worked remotely well. If you have had artificial turf installed professionally, then you know it’s not cheap, so having to pay to replace it is the last thing you want to be doing. I am so thankful to… Read More

Sherry StevensVerified Buyer
San Diego, CA

My husband and I installed turf a few years ago to reduce our yard maintenance. Our two dogs were constantly digging holes in our sod and turning various spots brown when they would go to the bathroom. The artificial turf solved our maintenance problem where my husband didn’t have to mow the lawn any longer nor did he need to reseed and fertilize. The turf also prevented our dogs from digging and… Read More

Barbara CovingtonVerified Buyer
Santa Barbara, CA

I was so excited to try this product after I started reading all about it online. Like other people reported, I had tried many other products and began thinking I wasn’t going to find something that actually worked. I went ahead and made the $99 purchase and was anxious to know if I was going to be ecstatic or disappointed. The product arrived faster than I anticipated and had additional directions for… Read More

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Why Urine Zero?

Because it works! Urine Zero is a 10X professional strength formula developed by microbiologists to specifically target and remove urine odor safely and permanently. The advanced formula gets rid of the foul odor from its source, leaving zero trace of the awful urine smell so you can get back to enjoying your indoor/outdoor space again.

There are over 3 trillion microbes (the 100% safe kind) that specifically feed on the odor-causing ammonia smell and these safe microbes will continue to consume/digest the odor-causing smell until their food source is completely gone, therefore leaving zero detection of the awful odor.

Where can I use Urine Zero?

Urine Zero can be used to remove urine smells from just about every place your pet does their business.

Here are just a few:

  • Artificial Grass
  • Hardscape (i.e. Pavers)
  • Carpets
  • Rugs
  • Upholstery
  • And much more!

You can even use it to eliminate odors from feces, vomit, garbage bins, baby diaper bins, smelly laundry, and more. Read more about that here.

Is Urine Zero safe?

Yes, Urine Zero is an all-natural microbial blend, non-toxic odor solution that is safe for your entire family (kids, pets, everyone). There is nothing to worry about.

How Does Urine Zero Remove the Urine Smell?

The urine smell you are most likely referring to is ammonia which is a chemical compound composed of nitrogen and hydrogen (NH3). When organic matter, like urine, decomposes it can generate the toxic substance ammonia, which produces the foul unpleasant odor you recognize in your yard where your pets go to the bathroom.

Waste (i.e. urine, feces, etc.) from humans and animals happens to be abundant in nitrogen and as it breaks down, the nitrogen is converted to ammonia, a colorless gas, which gives off the pungent odor.

So the question becomes — how can we get rid of the urine smell (a.k.a. the ammonia smell)?

The answer — if we can remove nitrogen from the equation, then we can effectively eliminate the awful ammonia smell.

This is where Urine Zero can assist + disrupt this equation and save the day or should we say, save your nose.

Nitrogen is essential for all living things which means Urine Zero also needs nitrogen to survive due to the fact that it contains live microbes (the 100% safe kind). Since we have established that ammonia is comprised of nitrogen + hydrogen, and we know nitrogen is an energy source for Urine Zero, that means when we introduce Urine Zero to the urine, it will immediately go to work and begin consuming the nitrogen in the ammonia. Urine Zero will continue to digest the ammonia until its food source is exhausted. Meaning, the ammonia will be eliminated along with the associated odor, leaving you with a yard and/or living space you can enjoy again. You can read more about it here.

Why is it so expensive compared to other products?

Great question! Let us explain. Urine Zero is a 10X professional strength formula in concentrate form. Meaning, 1 gallon of Urine Zero concentrate is actually equivalent to 10 gallons of product or 40 spray bottles (32oz).

We could ship you a diluted formula that already has the water added like the vast majority of products you currently see on Amazon, but that would mean you would be paying a lot of money to ship water. Since shipping is based on weight/size and water is rather heavy that makes shipping water to you expensive. We thought it would make more sense to ship you the actual product as opposed to water.

When you do the math, Urine Zero is extremely competitive in regards to pricing. In fact, we are considerably less than the competition.

  • A gallon of Urine Zero 10x concentrate = $119.99 (equivalent to 10 gallons of product = 40 thirty-two ounce spray bottles)
  • $119.00 / 10 gallons = $11.99/gallon = $2.99/32oz spray bottle

The competition starts at $25 per gallon and goes up from there. That makes the competition’s price over 2 times more expensive.

So it’s actually not expensive at all. You are literally getting equivalent to 40 spray bottles (32oz). Go look up what “others” are selling a 32 oz diluted formula for. Yep, they are selling in the range of $15-25, which is 6-10 times more expensive than Urine Zero.

We’re here to solve your odor problem once and for all, not price gouging.

We know it’s a good deal and we hope you can now see how great it is too.

How do I apply Urine Zero?

Directions for general use:

  1. Remove/Cleanup as much of the affected area as possible before applying Urine Zero.
  2. Mix Urine Zero well before use.
  3. Pretest on a small hidden area for colorfastness. If any color appears on the cloth then discontinue use.
  4. Since Urine Zero is a 10X concentrate, you will need to dilute the formula prior to use. Dilute 1 part Urine Zero to 9 parts water. You cannot deviate from this dilution ratio or it won’t work.
    • For a 1-gallon pump sprayer, mix 12.8 oz of Urine Zero with 115.2 oz of water. 
    • For a 32 oz spray bottle, mix 3.2 oz of Urine Zero with 28.8 oz of water.
    • For a 24 oz spray bottle, mix 2.4 oz of Urine Zero with 21.6 oz of water.
    • For a 16 oz spray bottle, mix 1.6 oz of Urine Zero with 14.4 oz of water.
  5. Generously spray the entire problem area by saturating it completely. It is essential that Urine Zero comes in contact with all affected areas for it to work its magic. If the product doesn’t come in contact with ALL affected areas it will not be able to rid all of the odor-causing bacteria.

For inside use (carpet, rugs, upholstery):

  1. Make sure to saturate the backing and padding with Urine Zero.
  2. Allow for the product to remain on the problem area for at least 15 minutes up to 24 hours.
  3. Blot or vacuum with a wet-vac to remove the residual liquid.
  4. Allow the area to dry naturally/completely before use.

For outside use (artificial grass, hardscape):

  1. Apply the product early in the morning or evening to minimize evaporation from the sun. The evening, after the sun goes down is the best time.
  2. Use enough product to thoroughly penetrate the surface down to the foundation, coming in contact with all affected areas (i.e. the class II road base and/or DG for artificial grass/pavers).
  3. Allow Urine Zero to work its magic until the odor is gone.

For older + stubborn odors: Multiple applications may be required.

If My Dogs Have Been Going Pee on My Artificial Grass for Years and it Smells Extremely Bad, Do I Increase the Urine Zero Concentration to Remove the Odor?

No, you will never deviate from the dilution ratio of 1 part Urine Zero to 9 parts water, or it will not work. An important note is that the X in 10X is not related to the CFU (colony-forming unit or the concentration of microorganisms) it is related to the number of preservatives. 10X means that there are enough preservatives in the 10X so that once you dilute it to 1X, it is ready to use. Again, it has nothing to do with the concentration of the product and you will always use the product with the same exact 1X dilution ratio.

For older and/or stubborn odors you will want to make sure you apply Urine Zero in the evening time when the sun goes down and thoroughly saturate the affected area(s) so that Urine Zero comes in contact with ALL affected areas, including the underlayments(i.e. class II base, DG, etc.). Since it is an area that has been left untreated for a long time you will most likely need to apply multiple applications in the same exact fashion: in the evening when the sun goes down making sure to saturate all affected areas completely. We recommend using a 1-gallon pump sprayer for outside use so that you can ensure the proper dilution ratio and you can thoroughly saturate the affected area(s).

If a Product Has the Same X Rating or Higher Does That Mean the Product Is the Same or Better?

No, as stated above, the number preceding the X is in relation to the preservatives and tells you specifically how to dilute the formula into a shelf-stable, ready to use product. You will want to also understand the microbial concentration, surfactants, etc. as these are important as well. Just because two products state that they are a 10X concentrate does not mean they both contain the same CFU (microbial concentrations), genus, strain count, and/or strain combinations. Likewise, just because a product says it is 15X, 20X, etc. does not have any bearing on whether it is better or not.

You cannot assume that all microbial strains and combinations are created equal because the reality is that they just aren’t. Just because another product states that they have a 10X, 15X or 20X advanced odor-fighting formula that consume urine smells doesn’t necessarily mean that they can or will do so effectively. By effectively we are referring to solving your odor problem once and for all, permanently removing the awful ammonia smell. It is a fact that there are specific strains + strain combinations that are scientifically proven to tackle urine odor and Urine Zero was created by microbiologists to do just that.

What About Urine Zero Coverage for Outside Areas?

As far as product coverage, it really depends on your situation (i.e. the amount of urine, how long the urine has been there untreated, the areas the urine has been able to penetrate, etc.). 

We have heard a wide range from our clients in terms of coverage they were able to achieve within their outdoor spaces which is why each person’s usage will vary based on their specific situation.

We recommend only treating the affected areas, as opposed to spraying all of your artificial turf or hardscape at the same time.

Urine Zero feeds on the organic matter: urine, feces, vomit, etc. which is why we recommend only treating the affected areas so Urine Zero can get to work removing the odor.

A lot of our clients like to use a 1-gallon pump sprayer for outside use so that they can ensure the proper dilution ratio is taking place which is extremely important. You can certainly use a garden hose + sprayer attachment, however, you will want to make sure that you can dilute the formula properly. You will also want to ensure your hose it only turned on to 1/2 of its normal output so as to not waste any of the product. Typically, the amount of product that gets sprayed out will be determined by both the sprayer hole (ounces per gallon) setting, and by how many gallons of water you actually spray on your turf as you do an application. There will be some trial and error when using a garden hose + sprayer as everyone walks at a different speed, sprays a wider/narrower range, has different water pressure, has a different affected area they are treating, etc.

For all these reasons, we highly recommend a 1-gallon pump sprayer for outside use.

As stated above, the dilution ratio is 1 part Urine Zero to 9 parts water (or equivalently 10% Urine Zero to 90% water).

  • For a 1-gallon pump sprayer, mix 12.8 oz of Urine Zero with 115.2 oz of water. 
  • For a 32 oz spray bottle, mix 3.2 oz of Urine Zero with 28.8 oz of water.
  • For a 24 oz spray bottle, mix 2.4 oz of Urine Zero with 21.6 oz of water.
  • For a 16 oz spray bottle, mix 1.6 oz of Urine Zero with 14.4 oz of water.

Can I Use Urine Zero on My Cement/Concrete?

Yes, Urine Zero, can be applied to your cement/concrete and will work just as well as it does on artificial turf. The biggest change with a cement/concrete application is that cement does have the tendency to dry out and/or evaporate any liquid a lot faster than it would on artificial grass. It would be best to saturate the area with Urine Zero per the application instructions and then keep the affected area(s) moist during the waiting period to give the product sufficient time to work without it drying out. For warmer climates, we recommend applying Urine Zero in the evening time when the sun goes down so that the product has the ability to work throughout the night uninterrupted. In terms of keeping the affected area(s) moist, you can either mist the area(s) with a little water or simply apply more Urine Zero. You don’t want to hose it down with water but rather a light gentle mist of water is all you need to keep the area(s) moist and allow the microbes to continue to consume/digest the ammonia in your pet’s urine which is the root cause of the foul odor.

Another tip we would suggest is to agitate the affected area(s) after you apply Urine Zero to really imbed the microbes into the cement/concrete and then let it sit for the recommended time before rinsing. When we say agitate the area, what we mean is that you can use a push broom or some type of a scrub brush (that won’t scratch your cement) to work the product into the affected area(s). You should see similar, if not the same results as you would with artificial turf in terms of odor and freshness.

What Are Some General Treatment Recommendations?

  • For a light treatment (or maintenance), we recommend applying Urine Zero monthly.
  • For a medium-level treatment, we recommend every other week.
  • For heavily affected areas, we recommend weekly treatments.
  • *Heavily soiled areas may require more frequent applications and/or spot checks to control the odor.

Are there Care & Caution instructions?

Yes. For external use only. Keep out of the reach of children and pets. If ingested, drink plenty of water and consult a physician. Avoid contact with your eyes. If the product comes in contact with your eyes, flush immediately with water and consult a physician. Avoid breathing in the mist while spraying. Avoid prolonged contact with your skin. If an allergic reaction occurs discontinue use. Seek medical attention if problems persist.

Always pretest the product on a small inconspicuous area before use. The product may discolor or damage silk, leather, or natural wood surfaces.

What is the shelf life?

2 years. Keep in a dry/cool location and out of direct sunlight. Keep the container closed tightly when not used.

Does it have a scent?

Yes, it does. Most people like it and describe it as a natural fresh scent.

I have used some products that were inconsistent where it was hit or miss as to whether it would work. How stable/consistent is Urine Zero?

That is a great question and something that really separates us. We pride ourselves on the highest quality standards to ensure each order has a consistent microbial concentration from batch to batch. Being able to ensure consistency is extremely important to us because we want to make sure you have the very best results each time you use it and the only way to guarantee that is to ensure that each batch has the same microbial count.

The ONLY reason it wouldn’t work is if the application instructions were not strictly followed:

  • Make sure to mix the 10X concentrate prior to diluting the formula. The contents must be mixed well or the product will not work as intended.
  • Make sure to dilute the 10X concentrate exactly as stated: 1 part Urine Zero to 9 parts water. You cannot deviate from this dilution ratio or it won’t work.
    • For a 1-gallon pump sprayer, mix 12.8 oz of Urine Zero with 115.2 oz of water. 
    • For a 32 oz spray bottle, mix 3.2 oz of Urine Zero with 28.8 oz of water.
    • For a 24 oz spray bottle, mix 2.4 oz of Urine Zero with 21.6 oz of water.
    • For a 16 oz spray bottle, mix 1.6 oz of Urine Zero with 14.4 oz of water.
  • Do not apply the product with too much sunlight — Urine Zero needs some moisture to work and the sun will dry-out/evaporate the product. We recommend applying the product in the evening when the sun goes down so the product has the ability to work throughout the night uninterrupted. The product must be given enough time to work which is why letting it work overnight is the recommended application time for outdoor use.
  • Make sure you completely saturate the affected areas or the product will not be able to rid all of the odor-causing bacteria. The product must come in contact with ALL areas that the urine has touched which includes the underlayments: DG, class II road base, etc. For outside use, we highly recommend a 1-gallon pump sprayer. A spray bottle cannot saturate the area(s) properly.
  • If your pets continue to pee on your artificial turf/pavers/carpet you will need to continue to treat the affected areas so it can consume/digest the new odor-causing bacteria. Applying the product one time and expecting it to continue to eradicate the new urine odor will not work.
  • If you have weed cloth under your turf, we highly recommend removing it. Yes, the weed cloth is attempting to inhibit weeds but it is also soaking up the urine and if your pets have been doing their business there for a long time, that is going to be very difficult to remove. 
  • Do not leave the product out in the sunlight/heat or it won’t work. The product must be kept in a cool/dry area with the cap sealed when not in use.
  • For old + stubborn odors, multiple applications will be needed by repeating the steps above.

Are there any guarantees with Urine Zero?

Urine Zero is guaranteed to work when you follow the application instructions to a tee! Urine Zero = ZERO Urine Odor or Your Money Back! We stand behind Urine Zero 100% because we know it works.

How do we know you ask?

We’ve installed well over 3 Million sqft of artificial turf in Southern California and all our clients are happy with the results.

Here’s the deal — if you strictly follow the application instructions and do not believe Urine Zero removed your odor problem we would like to hear from you so we can help (email us here: [email protected]). Again, we use it every day so we know first hand that it truly works + the science proves it works, so the only thing we need is to understand your specific situation so that we can assist you in ridding your odor problem. That’s the goal right… Zero Odor? That’s exactly what our experts will help you achieve.

If after working with a Urine Zero expert you are still unsatisfied and believe your odor issue hasn’t been solved and would like to request a refund, please email us here [email protected] within 30 days of your purchase date so that we can 1.) send you a refund request form and 2.) provide you with return shipping instructions so you can return the unused Urine Zero product back to us* (*return shipping not included).

The bottom line is that Urine Zero is scientifically proven to work when applied correctly. It is backed by scientific data (100’s of lab tests) showcasing that the ammonia (awful urine smell) is eradicated when Urine Zero’s application instructions are followed to a tee. The science doesn’t lie.

You cannot deviate from the instructions and expect it to work. A baking analogy — if you don’t strictly follow a baking recipe it’s a guarantee that you will not get the desired results which is the same thing with Urine Zero. Skip or alter a step and it won’t work.

If you want your odor problem permanently gone, give Urine Zero a try! We use it every day on our turf jobs and know firsthand that it works as advertised. Follow the directions outlined above and your odor problem will be history.