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Install-It-Direct has years of experience helping Encinitas homeowners create low-maintenance, beautiful landscapes that fit their needs and enhance their coastal lifestyles. This includes the design and installation of upscale patio kitchens, paving stone driveways, retaining walls, outdoor fireplaces, and artificial grass lawns.

Encinitas is a coastal community of approximately 62,000 residents in North County San Diego. Bordered by Batiquitos Lagoon to the north and San Elijo Lagoon on the southern side, the rugged bluffs and beautiful beaches along its coast draw surfers and sunbathers to its shores, while the eclectic shops and variety of attractions bring golfers, equestrians, culture lovers, and families to enjoy this town that has something for everyone. Here, you can play a round of golf in New Encinitas, meander through art galleries in Leucadia, go horseback riding in Olivenhain, or check out one of the many street fairs and festivals.

If you are ready to create a backyard that enhances your coastal lifestyle even more, our team is ready to help with residential landscape design and installation services that include water features, synthetic turf, paving stone patios and driveways, outdoor kitchens, patio fireplaces and fire pits, landscape lighting, and more.

What Locations Does Install-It-Direct Serve?

Install-It-Direct offers landscape design services throughout the Encinitas area and its many neighborhoods, including Cardiff by the Sea, Riviera, Crest Acres, Crestview, Cielo, Rancho Del Lago, Del Mar Terrace South, Sea Crest, Encinitas Ranch, West Hampton Cove, and more!

We also provide landscaping services in San Diego County, including Cardiff by the Sea, Bonita, El Cajon, Del Mar, Chula Vista, Rancho Santa Fe, Escondido, La Jolla, Lakeside, La Mesa, Carlsbad, Poway, Solana Beach, San Marcos, Santee, Scripps Ranch, Oceanside, and Vista.

Residential landscaping ideas for Encinitas

Homeowners usually have a pretty good idea of the features they want to include in their outdoor living areas, but taking those ideas and turning them into a cohesive design that is both possible and within budget is a more challenging task. There is so much to consider when planning outdoor spaces, including the overall cost, the architectural style of your home, your property’s terrain, structural features your property might need, outdoor lighting for safety and ambiance, and how to take your list of ideas and all of these considerations and transform them into functional, beautiful outdoor spaces that meet your needs.

This might mean installing a retaining wall near the putting green, privacy screens around the pool area, or both a fire feature and a water feature to balance the design. We are here to help you determine the best options for including your must-have features in a way that works for your property, budget, and timeline. Whether you need a beautiful driveway to welcome you home or an expansive outdoor kitchen to make meals for your extended family, our goal is to create and install outdoor living areas that fit your needs and lifestyle.

What Services Does Install-It-Direct Provide?

Our high-quality landscape design services in Encinitas include:

landscape design Encinitas

Where in Encinitas Can I Get Inspiration for My Landscape Project?

The coastal community of Encinitas is home to an eclectic collection of neighborhoods and architectural styles, so it is very likely that you will find inspiration that suits your personal style close to home. Take a walk or drive through some of Encinitas’ neighborhoods to get landscape design ideas and find the greenscapes and hardscape options that you find most appealing.

If you still need inspiration after touring local areas, check out some of the garden designs on our list of the Top 5 Landscape Designs in San Diego.

Why Should I Hire an Encinitas-based Landscape Designer?

Local Knowledge

Who you choose for your landscape architecture matters. A local contractor will be familiar with local regulations and laws that could affect your front yard or backyard design, knows the local climate, and is most familiar with working with the limits and nuances of the local geography.

Coastal Influence Understanding.

Encinitas is one of San Diego County’s coastal communities, which means landscaping companies in this area need to know who to design landscapes that can withstand coastal influences, such as salt spray, wind, and fog.

Hillside and Canyon Experience

While Encinitas is known for its beautiful beaches and coastal living, it is also home to diverse topography that includes canyons, slopes, hills, and uneven terrain. Local contractors that are accustomed to installing landscaping projects in this area will be more familiar with working with this diverse topography and can guide homeowners in choosing and designing the right hardscapes, erosion control, retaining walls, and other features for your property.

Access to Local Resources

Local landscape architecture designers know local contractors and vendors and are familiar with local resources. This helps ensure that your landscaping project will be a success.

Does Install-It-Direct Landscape with Plants, Succulents, or Gravel?

Yes, Install-It-Direct has years of experience using succulents, native plants, gravel, and other drought-tolerant options to create beautiful, functional, low-maintenance landscape designs.

What Landscape Design Styles Are Common in Encinitas?

Encinitas landscape architecture balances comfortable everyday living with upscale entertaining and both takes into consideration and reflects the coastal location. Outdoor living spaces here are designed to be functional and low maintenance to allow homeowners to enjoy an active, outdoor lifestyle.

Does Install-It-Direct Design for Earthquakes, Wildfires, or Mudslides?

Natural disasters are an issue regardless of where you live. For those of us who call Southern California home, the natural disasters of most concern are earthquakes, wildfires, and mudslides. Not every homeowner has to worry about all three of these, but if you live in North County San Diego, you are probably concerned with at least two of the three.

Our contractors will help you create a beautiful landscape design that suits your lifestyle while also considering the unique needs of your property. For example, if your property is at risk of a mudslide, we might need to discuss including a retaining wall or landscaping for erosion control. If your home is in an area that is at risk of wildfires, we can talk about fire-resistant plants and using hardscapes to create a defensible space around your home. To better prepare your outdoor living areas to withstand an earthquake, we can recommend hardscapes that are better able to withstand this type of natural disaster, such as choosing pavers for walkways or patios.

What Does the Process of Hiring Install-It-Direct Entail?

The simple process of bringing Install-It-Direct on board for your next landscape project starts by contacting us for a free estimate. We will then schedule an on-site assessment, complete a 3-D rendering of your project, discuss your budget and timeline, and make sure we answer any questions you have.

What Questions Should I Ask Install-It-Direct?

Before you begin working with any landscaping contractor, you should ask the following questions:

  • Are your contractors licensed, bonded, and insured?
  • Do you have worker’s comp and general liability insurance?
  • Are you licensed with the Contractors State License Board (CSLB)?
  • Do you have the correct licenses for the type of services I am requesting?
  • How long have you been in business and providing the type of services I need?
  • Do you have a list of completed projects in the area that I can look at in person?


How much does it cost to consult a landscape designer?

The cost of landscape design services depends on which features you include, where you live, the size of the property, and the overall scope of the work. To get an initial idea of how much your project might cost, visit our pricing page. If you are ready to get a more specific price for your project, contact us for a free estimate.

What is the difference between a landscaper and a landscape designer?

Landscape designers oversee the design and installation of landscaping projects. They work closely with homeowners to understand your ideas, needs, and budget, provide a 3-D rendering of the design, and work with you through the entire process to ensure a satisfactory result.

Landscapers sometimes install small landscaping projects, such as sod or paving stone walkways, but they most often are brought on after the installation to maintain the property going forward. The services provided by landscapers most often include mowing, blowing, weeding, and pruning, and sometimes also include light tree service.

How much do landscapers charge per hour in Encinitas?

Encinitas landscapers generally cost between $25 and $50 per hour per person.

How much should I budget for a landscape project?

In some cases, homeowners are bound by the bylaws of their homeowner’s association, which sometimes mandate how much residents spend on landscape design and installation. When this is the case, the mandate is usually based on a percentage of your home’s value. If you are not bound by the bylaws of a homeowner’s association, it is common to expect your landscape design budget to be around 10% of the value of your home.

Reach out to Install-It-Direct for landscape design in Encinitas

We are here to help you with all of your professional landscape design needs, including enhancing your property’s curb appeal, designing and installing your dream outdoor kitchen, discussing grass alternatives, and creating the perfect outdoor living spaces for your California coastal lifestyle. When you are ready to learn more about our services or get a free estimate for your next project, contact us at (858) 925-3000 or [email protected].