Install It Direct offers professional landscape design services for all your landscaping needs within Southern California. We also specialize in interlocking concrete pavers and artificial turf projects. Our talented designers have a passion for helping envision your dream landscape. Whether that includes water features, fire pits, or a unique garden design, we can work with you to make that happen. Our designs consist of multiple types and styles to help visualize the incredible transformation. From quick sketches, concept or construction plans to 3D renderings, our landscape architects have multiple tools to help make your landscape come to life. If you are interested in speaking with one of our landscape architects in San Diego or Orange County, reach out to us today. We also offer great financing options to help you achieve your landscaping goals!

Our Team of Landscape Architects and Designers

Dustin Schmitt

Dustin Schmitt
  • Bachelors of Science in Landscape Architecture - Cal Poly Pomona
  • Minor in Landscape Irrigation Design
  • Associates Degree in Architecture - Palomar Community College
  • McCabe’s Landscape Construction (3 years) - Lead Landscape Designer
  • Install It Direct (3.5 years) Sr. Design Consultant/ Project Manager
  • ICPI Certified
  • Belgard Best Patio Design 2018

Landscape Design Steps

  • Initial Phone Consultation

    Start with a phone call to go over the project details and determine if our service is the right fit. Discuss the project scope, location, materials, styles, budget, timelines, etc. Discuss prospective design costs based on budget ranges. If everything is agreeable, then we would proceed to set up an on site consultation.

  • On Site Consultation

    On Site Consultation – meet in person to go over design ideas, measure, gather site information (Site Analysis). Observe and considers all aspects of property ( existing conditions, architectural style, views, access, demolition, existing utilities, topography.)

    • Meeting in person with Landscape Architect and/or Design Consultant
    • Refine design cost based on evaluation and design considerations – exact figure.
    • Customer 2nd in person consultation will be billed at hourly rate of $100/hour.
  • Design Phase

    Design Phase – Compile info from site analysis, design considerations and formulate into a concept. All design starts with a concept. Designer takes all information from On Site Consultation to generate a Concept Plan.

  • Concept Plan/ Landscape Plan

    Concept Plan/ Landscape Plan – A blueprint of the landscape. This is not a construction plan, although it is typically scaled. The goal of a concept plan is to create a sense of unity, balance and scale while maintaining simplicity through lines, form, texture and colors. A concept plan is a visual representation of the site expanding on the initial design considerations creating practical and pleasing outdoor spaces. A concept plan will call out/show key elements or attributes in the design.

    • Front yard and Backyard – Starting at $800-3000+
    • Front yard or Backyard Only – Starting at $650-3000+

    Exact quotes will be based on site evaluation and specific details. Price can be narrowed down during on site evaluation.

  • HOA / Construction Plan

    HOA / Construction Plan – notation and dimension of concept plan. Includes call outs and measurements. Includes……

    • Front and Backyard – Starting at $1800+
    • Front or Back Only – Starting at $1350+

    Additional Plan/Detail pages (demo plan, irrigation plan, planting plan, construction details, etc) – Add $300 per page, if not already included in initial quote. Exact quotes will be based on site evaluation and specific details

  • 3D Renderings

    3D Renderings – Sometimes a Concept Plan is not enough to understand or grasp the ideas outlined in the plan. Includes 3 -4 viewpoints. (In addition to Concept Plan)

    • Front and Backyard – $400+
    • Front or Back only – $300+
    • Flythrough Video
    • Exact quotes will be based on site evaluation and specific details.
  • Revisions

    Revisions: No charge for the 1st revision which would include small revisions to the plans like rounding corners or small/slight adjustments to the scope. Additional revisions or revisions to the design layout, planting plan, etc. will be charged at an hourly rate of $100/hour.