2 Easy Ways to Instantly Add Curb Appeal in Less than a Week

Making a good first impression…

….is important in virtually every area of your life.

When you make a good first impression in a job interview, it can dramatically increase your chances of being hired later on to fill that position.

A good first impression on a first date can be the key that opens the door to pursuing a long-term relationship with a special man or woman of your choice.

Enhancing curb appeal is the way of allowing a home to make a good first impression. It offers a snapshot into the personality of a home and its owners.

A homeowner who wants to sell a house can improve their chances for making a sale at their asking price when they make improvements to the curb appeal of their property. Potential home buyers are more likely to take a look inside homes with high curb appeal because it creates a visual impression that the home is in excellent condition.

Improving curb appeal is also a perfect method for existing homeowners to make their front yard stand out in a good way from the rest of the neighborhood. Boosting the curb appeal of your home is a quick and effective way to add value to your property and create envy among your neighbors.

Curb appeal improvements take investments in time and money to implement, but the future rewards outweigh the present costs. There are a couple of good ways to improve the curb appeal of your property if you want to do it in less than a week:

1. Convert your driveway from concrete or asphalt to Paving Stones.
2. Replace your current lawn with Synthetic Turf.

A driveway made from pavers can add a touch of style to an entire front yard. Driveways made from concrete or asphalt can accumulate unsightly cracks over time and will eventually need to be replaced again and again. Those problems can be virtually eliminated with paving stones since they are backed with a Lifetime Guarantee against breaking or cracking.

Installing pavers is a 15-Step-Process which starts with the planning and design. Once the design it set, and all underground utilities are located, the demolition and excavation will take place.

The area will be graded for proper water flow and then the layers of the new foundation will be installed. The first layer is a geotextile fiber, followed by the Class II Road Base. The final layer is a 1 inch layer of bedding sand which will be screeded on top of the road base.

Once the fiber, base and sand are installed, the paving stones are laid down and secured in place. Pavers can be chosen and installed from a variety of shapes, colors and patterns which can be seen in this post. A driveway built using a well-designed pattern of paver stones is a perfect way to dress up your home’s overall appearance.

Lawn maintenance can be simplified with the installation of synthetic turf instead of natural grass. Artificial grass does not require the same degree of intensive hands-on care the way a natural grass lawn does. It does not need time to take root. There are no worries about mowing or weeding to ensure it maintains a healthy appearance.

One obvious area where artificial grass beats natural grass is the monthly water bill. Natural grass needs to be watered daily during the summer months to keep it thick and healthy. That adds up to a significant amount of water consumption each month.

Synthetic turf has no such need for regular watering to help it grow because it is not alive in the first place. It only needs to be cleaned off with a hose from time to time when dirt, leaves and other debris start to accumulate. Saving water this way not only makes sense for your wallet, it is environmentally responsible as well.

Several other maintenance concerns do not apply to synthetic turf the way they factor into caring for natural grass. Artificial grass never needs mowing because it does not grow. For that reason, installing a synthetic lawn means saying goodbye to buying and maintaining one lawnmower after another for the duration of home ownership.

Weeding also becomes a non-issue with synthetic grass. Dandelions and other weeds can sprout up through weak spots present in natural grass lawns and quickly overrun an entire yard if they are not rooted out with weed killing chemicals.

The tightly woven fibers between the artificial grass blades seal potential opening for weeds to emerge and eventually choke out patches of grass. Eliminating the need to be on your hands and knees for several hours while pulling weeds is reason enough to invest in artificial turf.

The Bottom Line:

Improving curb appeal adds equal amounts of monetary and aesthetic value to any home. It adds up to a money saving idea in annual maintenance costs and utility bills. It also reduces the amount of time spent on labor that is focused on keeping your yard in good shape.

The best part is any homeowner who invests in simple changes such as artificial grass and a paver stone driveway will be a trendsetter in their own neighborhood. Many of their neighbors will do everything they can to copy cat those changes on their own property.

Creating better curb appeal for your home and yard is definitely worth the investment. Get started with your Curb Appeal Makeover Today