Home Ideas and Tips

If you are looking for ideas for your home, whether it be inspiration, organization, health, safety, maintenance and much more, then you have arrived at the right place. We have compiled all the most popular articles and listed them all right here:

Home Ideas & Inspiration

— Home & Garden: What’s HOT & What’s NOT

— Home and Garden Gift Guide

— 10 Home and Garden Resolutions for the New Year

— 16 Home and Garden Trends for 2014

— How to Eat Southern California’s Fall Vegetables: Cookbooks and Recipes

— 25 Cheap Alternatives to Pricey Bathroom Remodels

— Top Ways to Make the Most of a Space-Challenged Kitchen

— How to Build a Green Living Wall

— How to Upgrade Your Kitchen Without Breaking the Bank

— How to Press and Preserve Leaves for Crafts and Home Decor

— Bring the Outside In: How to Decorate With Natural Elements

Home Tips

— Old Wive’s Tales: 28 Household Tips from Your Mom That Work

— 70 Ways to Use Baking Soda in the Home and Garden

— 20 Awesome Household Tips From Pinterest

— How to Choose Homeowner’s Insurance and Save Money Doing It

— 35 Natural Indoor Pest Control Tips

— Tips for At-Home Moms & Dads: Taking & Making Time for Yourself & Your Family

— 25 Tips for Making Your Home Smell Terrific

— 10 Tips for Keeping Your Spices Under Control

— Winterizing Your Southern California Home

— 11 Apps for Busy Homeowners

— 25 Ways to Get the Perfect Area Rug

Home Cleaning Tips

— 20 Spring Cleaning Tips for the Inside of Your House

— Cleaning Tips For Every Room In Your Home

Home Organization Tips

— 20 Creative and Inexpensive Home Storage Ideas

— 5 Creative Ways To Free Up Space Around The Home

— 12 Ways to Avoid Winter Gear Clutter in the Entryway

Home Energy Conservation Tips

— Apps That Can Reduce Your Home Energy Usage

— Top 10 Ways to Save Energy at Home

— 12 Things You Can Do at Home to Protect San Diego’s Oceans

— How to Reduce Your Water Bill and Add Value to Your Home

— Quick & Easy Ways to Cut Energy Costs

— TOP 4 Must-Have Green Appliances For Your Home

— 7 Unique Ways to Keep Plastic Grocery Bags Out of Landfills

 Home Health & Safety

— How To Keep Your Home Safe When You Are Away

— 50 Tips for Reducing Chemicals in Your Home and Yard

— Home Security Landscaping Tips: Easy Ways to Make Your Home Safer

— How to Improve Your In-Home Air Quality

— Why Indoor Vertical Gardens Are Good for Your Home and Health

— Waste Not, Want Not: Tips for Living a Simpler Life

Home Maintenance Tips

Why Dry Rot Is a Risk For Southern California Homeowners & What To Do About It

— Maintenance Tips for An Oceanfront Home

— What Kind of Exterior Maintenance Does my Coastal Home Need?

— DIY Tips: Home Inspections You Can Do Yourself

— Earthquake Proof Your Home: How to Prepare Your Home and Property for an Earthquake

— Tips for Avoiding Clogged Drains

— Winter Is Coming: Tips for Using Natural Gas Safely in San Diego Homes

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