How to Reduce Your Water Bill and Add Value to Your Home

Water is life, grass is green and stones are hard…

Don’t we ever know that!!

But let’s look them over anyway.

The vast lawns of hereditary estates in Merry Olde England are simply smashing, old bean, but they’re hard to keep up. Hired gardeners drain entire ponds of water to keep these lavish displays of wealth green and ready. The gardeners also tend to those millions of miles of stone paths winding through the gardens.

Sure, it’s nice for the expensively dressed guests carrying picnic baskets. But then, they live in a different world. They’re welcome to it.

We regular people justifiably make do with more modest yards meant for kids and BBQ parties. We’re not hoity-toity. Actually, there are plenty of ways to spruce up those front and back yards.

Homeowners have good options that don’t cost a whole lot.

We’re smart that way.

Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

There’s no reason why you should have to put up with grungy paths that have been worn down to bare dirt speckled with bits of grass. Those poor speckles bitterly cling to life, but I’m sorry. They’re losing.

Just as an old English garden has ancient stone paths leading hither and yon, your own plot can reach a better class of spiffiness by adding paving stones. Those stones look pretty good, actually. They make you remember the paths in that botanical park with all the roses and imported trees.

Calling the people to trundle over with their loads of paving stones isn’t hard. They’ll be right there with that taste of elegance and do all the work with no effort on your part. There’s no denying that it’s a pretty slick deal.

Personally, I know it’s a bit hokey, but I like tromping around on those textured stone paths. They look especially elegant after they’ve had a chance to accumulate a bit of moss. It looks classy.

Pavers aren’t just for walking. They make really nice driveways. It’s hard to describe how much better the pavers look than crumbling asphalt or concrete.

You can almost see it now. Your friends will look at the driveway first when they arrive. They will remark on how cool it looks.

Let’s step back for a bigger view.

It’s like the house went to Beverly Hills and got a facelift. It makes all the other houses grumble. Their paint jobs are practically flaking with envy.

There’s yet another way to step away from ordinariness. It’s big and green, but it doesn’t get mad. It’s the lawn.

Stomping on brown, dying grass can be entertaining for a few seconds, but it’s ultimately tragic. Real grass lawns guzzle thousands of gallons of water every year just to stay alive.

The good people who sluice water to you through pipes don’t mind much that your lawn is as thirsty as a camel after a long trek in the desert. Every gallon they pump to your millions of little blades of grass is another juicy drop into their watery piggy banks. They have nice cars, too.

Let’s not forget the billions of weeds that invariably pop up like so many little clowns, taunting you with their frustrating resistance to herbicides and hand tools. It’s like playing whack-a-mole. Come to think of it, grass lawns attract moles, too.

Worn out by this unending knife fight with the grinning imps of Mother Nature, more than a few homeowners have ripped out the entire shebang and triumphantly slammed down carpets of artificial grass, which doesn’t need any¬†herbicides, no mowing and very little water for occasional cleaning. Moles hate it and leave to pick on those guys who sell the water.

Having a perfect green lawn that never shrivels up and dies in front of horrified house buyers sure as heck is an easy way for your home to proudly keep up its chin and demand a good price. Put that way, synthetic turf is looking like a good investment, isn’t it? I know I’m convinced already.

All that stuff was a mouthful. Let’s see if this has been covered.

Durable paving stones meandering through an expansive lawn are soothing evocations of old English gardens and sleepy afternoons in high summer. It’s positively poetic.

Install the stone pavers, and let them lie there as cool as slabs of ice cream. Oh, yeah, baby!

Awesome artificial lawns don’t rot, don’t need water and don’t let weeds take over the whole party. They’re popping-fresh alternatives to puny plants.

There’s no more of this nonsense with fixing the lawnmower when it breaks down yet again.

Did I mention the moles who packed up and left for another yard? That’s a definite bonus. A lot of the bugs seem to have taken a powder, too. There are too many bugs as it is.

Plus, your smaller water bill is making those guys sad. It is to laugh heartily and to count the extra cash in your wallet. You can put that money to alternative things, like the inside of the house.

Your home has now gained quite a bit of value. It has lovely improvements. That’s what real-estate agents like to say, anyway.

Okay. That’s the word for it. It’s plain old okay with me. I bet it’s okay with you, too!

There is no time like now to be the homeowner with a righteous lawn and those cool-looking stone paths that transform and add incredible value. Check out our idea gallery to see lots of helpful guides to great lawns and patios and walking paths and driveways.

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Hey, we also do putting greens. It’s kinda fun to be able to prepare your game year-round. Your golf buddies won’t know what hit them.

You know what? Those paving stones also go great around swimming pools. If you thought the driveway looked classy, just wait until you see what happened to the pool.

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