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Ready to upgrade your home’s outdoor living spaces or driveway? This is an exciting time that requires thoughtful planning and budgeting. At Install-It-Direct, we’re proud to offer on-site estimates, transparent pricing for all of our services, and great financing options that allow you to pay over time.

Artificial Turf Pricing

$5,570 – 8,020+

The cost to install artificial turf can be broken down into the cost for materials, operations, labors, overhead and company costs. The average cost to install 500 sq ft. of artificial turf is $5,520 with higher end materials raising the price to roughly $8,020. Use our artificial turf cost calculator to view the low, middle, and high estimates for your square footage today to better plan for the costs of installing new turf.

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Artificial Turf Maintenance Pricing

Starting at 1.25/sq ft (300sqft min)

Artificial turf maintenance costs are based on square footage of the turf, the type of maintenance required and labor. Our 12-point artificial turf maintenance plan is designed to fix common problems such as flat blades, poor drainage, pet hair buildup, raised seams and more. To keep your costs low and to keep your turf lasting longer, we suggest a seasonal maintenance plan. Get in touch with us for an estimate today.

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Paver Patio and Driveway Pricing

$16,760 – 21,045+

The cost of paver installation is based on square footage, materials, operations, labor, overhead and company costs. The average cost to install 1000 sq. ft of paver is around $16,760 total, or about $16.8 per square foot, with higher end materials raising the price to about $21,045. Estimate the price of your next project with our paver cost calculator!

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Paver Maintenance Pricing

Sealing starting at 1.25 sq ft Clean/Seal starting at 2.00/sq ft (500 sqft min)

We provide comprehensive paver cleaning and sealing solutions to help keep your pavers looking brand new. Paver sealant helps protect your pavers from pesky mold, pet, weather, rust, grease — and helps to cut down on maintenance costs over time. Pricing for both maintenance and sealing services are based on the square footage of your space and the type of maintenance required. Maintenance can be anything from initial sealing to cleaning and then sealing, re-sanding and sealing, etc.

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Outdoor and Landscape Lighting Pricing

$5,000 and up

Our outdoor lighting and landscape services include accent, walkway, driveway, garden, spa, pool, outdoor kitchen, home or architectural structure, sports court, playground, security and safety lighting options. Pricing will vary based on materials, such as the number of lights, type of lights, transformer, timer, low voltage wiring, etc, as well as installation costs.

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Outdoor Living Services

Outdoor Fireplace Pricing

$10,000 and up

Pricing for custom outdoor fireplaces is based on the size, material type, operations, labors, overhead and company costs. Whether you’re looking for something simple and modern or an elaborate Mediterranean-style fireplace–we will work with you to make your vision a reality. Gather some inspiration for your project with our outdoor fireplace ideas guide.

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Outdoor Living Services

Outdoor Kitchen Pricing

$10,000 and up

Overall costs of outdoor kitchen projects are broken down into the types of pieces chosen, materials, operations, labors, overhead and company costs. In addition to grills, we offer options for built-in style burners, waste baskets, refrigerators, pizza ovens, sinks, warming drawers and more. With a variety of outdoor kitchen styles and materials to choose from, the possibilities are endless.

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Outdoor Living Services

Custom Fire Pit Pricing

$2,500 and up

Add value and fun to your yard with a custom fire pit designed to match your existing outdoor living area! We offer a variety of outdoor fire pit options such as fire bowls, fire columns, fire tables, campfires and more. Pricing for fire pit projects is based on the materials used, type of fire pit, operations, labors, overhead and company costs.

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Outdoor Living Services

Freestanding & Retaining Wall Pricing

$10,000 and up

Retaining and freestanding walls are a great way to add functionality and segmentation to your yard. At Install-It-Direct, we offer a variety of freestanding and retaining wall design options that will blend perfectly with your existing outdoor living space. Pricing for both retaining and freestanding walls are based on the size of the wall, materials needed, operations, labors, overhead and company costs.

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