Artificial Turf Maintenance & Repair

Looking for a way to help your artificial turf look fresh and new for years to come? Though your turf’s synthetic fibers don’t need water to stay soft and green, seasonal turf maintenance and cleaning is a key step in helping your lawn look as natural as possible. We offer one-time and recurring turf maintenance services for homeowners, schools, and businesses in need of turf repairs, maintenance or cleaning.

Turf Maintenance
and Repair

  • Repair seams
  • Repair ripples
  • Repair undulations, sinking and/or dips
  • Power broom grass fibers to correct “turf lean”
  • Remove debris
  • Replenish infill

Install-It-Direct’s 12-point turf maintenance and cleaning service can fix common problems like:

  • Turf blades laying flat
  • Artificial turf with poor drainage
  • Pet hair buildup
  • Raised seams
  • Weed growth
  • Dangerous metals
  • Compacted turf infill
  • Pet urine smells in artificial turf


12-Point Turf Cleaning and Maintenance Service

1. Debris removal

The first step in preparation of the reblooming process is to remove any debris such as leaves, twigs, etc. that may have fallen on the turf by using a turf rake and/or leaf blower.

2. Remove weeds

Weeds are inevitable and our team will help remove any weeds within reason. Meaning, we will assist with removing sporadic weeds here and there by pulling them by hand. If your turf has been neglected for years and you have a forest growing in and around your turf, then an estimate and additional fee will need to be applied to your service. Weeds typically develop along the edges and occasionally throughout the field of the turf due to seeds that have fallen from birds or trees overhead. Because we care about the safety of your pets and children, those weeds will be taken care of the old fashioned way and without the use of toxic weed killers.

3. Magnet sweep for metals

We help keep your turf safe for play by sweeping the entire area with a magnet to locate and remove any dangerous metals that may have come loose over time (i.e. nails, staples, etc.).

4. Artificial turf reblooming

Over time, this regular traffic can cause artificial grass blades to lean in one direction or flatten out. Using state-of-the-art equipment, our artificial turf experts stand bent or flattened turf blades back up to their original positions, remove debris, and any contaminated infill. If you’re wondering how to fluff turf back to its freshly installed state, look no further than our maintenance services.

5. Remove pet hair from turf

Pet hair buildup occurs deep between turf blades and can lead to poor drainage, bacteria growth, and foul odors.

6. Loosen turf infill

Reblooming your artificial turf will loosen compacted infill effectively improving drainage in areas where you may have noticed standing water after rain.

7. Deep clean (optional – additional fee)

In some instances, our reblooming machine may not be enough to loosen the compacted infill, debris and contaminants that have built up over time which would warrant deep clean. We would use our pressure washer to penetrate deep down into the turf so as to remove all the compacted infill, debris and other contaminants allowing your turf to breathe and drain properly.

8. Retuck edges

Heavy foot (or paw) traffic can sometimes lead to loose edges in artificial turf. Our team will ensure that all edges are securely tucked and adjusted to look like new.

9. Re-attach raised seams

Nothing makes artificial turf look more obvious than raised seams. Install-It-Direct’s turf maintenance professionals will locate and re-attach any raised seams in your turf. If you need your seams repaired as opposed to slightly adjusted, that would be considered a turf repair which would be an additional service fee.

10. Turf repair (optional – additional fee)

Accidents happen. In the case that regular maintenance won’t correct your turf problem, we also offer repair services for your artificial lawn. Our team will repair seams and edges, tears in the turf, turf melting/burning,​ ​and correct the base beneath the turf if needed.

11. Add new deodorizing infill (optional – additional fee)

Next, our team will refresh your artificial turf’s infill in areas where it may have been displaced. Infill is an essential part of keeping your artificial turf looking and feeling great. It protects the structure of your synthetic lawn while bolstering its blades against flattening. ​Antimicrobial infill helps prevent odors and bacteria buildup from pet urine​. Our turf specialists will determine your infill needs and provide a no-pressure estimate if any services are needed.

12. Remove pet urine smells with Urine Zero

Install-It-Direct teamed with microbiologists to create Urine Zero to remove pet urine smells from your turf. Our team will apply this 100% pet and kid-friendly artificial grass cleaner to your turf, allowing it to penetrate to the affected areas and completely remove the smell – not mask it with fragrances.

Whatever your artificial grass needs, the team at Install-It-Direct has you covered. We’re proud to serve San Diego and the surrounding areas. Call or ​fill out a contact form ​today to schedule one-time or recurring turf maintenance services to keep your synthetic lawn looking and feeling great.