Use Various Types of Seating to Transform an Uninviting Patio or Deck

Every patio needs a seating area…

…but creating a warm, inviting space involves more than just arranging a few plastic chairs.

Whether you use your deck or patio to entertain, relax or enjoy nature,

the seating should be comfortable and should match your decorative style.

There are numerous types of outdoor seats to choose from, and each design suits a different aesthetic.

The style that is right for you depends on your personal needs.

Choosing the Right Materials

The selection of outdoor seating materials available is plentiful. When choosing your furniture, consider the climate as well as the overall environment of your yard. You should also factor in how you plan to use the seats.

If your patio or deck is more of a private lounging area, you may need less durable seating than if it’s party central for your teenaged children or boisterous neighbors. 

One of the most widespread choices for outdoor furniture material is plastic. Whether it’s polyethylene or polypropylene, plastic is an affordable alternative to some of the more costly materials.

The downside to buying plastic seating is that it can become soiled or stained easily. Some surfaces dull with time as well. If you plan to alter the look of your patio every year, plastic is a good option.

A more expensive selection for patio seating is wrought iron. This type of furniture is typically designed with a contemporary look and comes in a vast array of styles. Wrought iron is strong but needs regular maintenance to ensure the items survive the changes in weather.

Aluminum is a popular alternative to wrought iron and often looks just as stylish. Powder-coated aluminum is resistant to scratches and will not rust.

If you prefer the natural look of wood, you still have plenty of options. It’s important to remember that moisture can be problematic for outdoor furniture, and some woods are more resistant to dampness and decay than others.

Certain woods can be painted, which adds a layer of protection and makes it possible to incorporate color into your seating area as well. 

Some people favor wicker or bamboo over wood because of the durability and light weight. However, if you opt for wood, your best options are:

  • teak
  • pressure-treated pine
  • cedar
  • mahogany
  • oak
  • cypress
  • redwood

Selecting Your Seating

Your options for outdoor seating are limitless after you determine which basic materials you prefer. Some people adore conventional seating like cushioned Adirondack seats, rustic benches and folding garden chairs.

Others may create a more cutting-edge look using brightly painted settees. Many people turn their patios into outdoor living rooms using plush, cushioned couches, loveseats, loungers and ottomans.

To create a distinctive outdoor recreation area, consider going against the grain. An innovative way to spice up your seating accommodations is to use tree stumps cut to varying heights.

You can place round cushions on each stump to create comfortable and original seats for your guests. Another unique approach is to place a hammock or glider on your patio or deck. This type of cozy seating immediately lets your guests know they can relax. 

Install a Sitting Wall

If you want to create ample seating in your patio area, consider adding a sitting wall. This type of wall can fully enclose your patio, or it can be a focal point for one side.

Sitting walls are designed to complement most patios, and you can customize the materials to match your existing pavers. Many styles are manufactured to imitate the beauty of natural brick or stone. 

Your choices are endless when it comes to colors, patterns, textures and sizes. Sitting walls range from basic to elaborate. Some designs are curved, while others may consist of several tiers.

Tiered walls are perfect if you want to combine form and function. You can place planters or other decorations on the higher tiers and use the lower levels for seating. You can easily create a sitting wall that is interesting to look at but suits your entertainment needs. 

Whether you use your patio every day or on special occasions, a sitting wall is ideal. You can provide comfortable seating for large parties, but the visual appeal of a sitting wall makes it suitable for more intimate settings as well.

The quaint charm and striking appearance is incomparable to any other type of outdoor seating available.

With the large assortment of colors and designs for outdoor seating, it is very easy to become overwhelmed. Comfort, price, size and materials are just some factors to consider.

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