Benefits of Paver Stone Patios

Anyone who has installed a stone paver patio knows that the clean lines and attractive custom elements make this a great option for any home. Different color variations and patterns give the design conscious homeowner a chance to dress up their outdoor living space. The ability to match elements of the house and the environment makes pavers preferable to large concrete slabs.

Durable and beautiful, patio pavers are a popular choice for creating an outdoor living space you can enjoy for years to come. Outside of the occasional cleaning and sealing, pavers won’t warp or rot like wood, or crack like stamped concrete. Install-It-Direct is San Diego’s top choice to install patio pavers for attractive, long-lasting results.


More than just a pretty slate

There are a number of other reasons to make paving stones your design element of choice. They’re durable, simple to clean, and easy to maintain. Learn more about the benefits of patio pavers below:

Easy to clean

While concrete and asphalt can develop stains and be difficult to clean properly, paving stones can be washed off neatly with soap and water. Sealant applied to the stones can assist in making this chore even easier.


Because of the material and their many joints, patio pavers are usually stronger than most home foundations. These pavers are not prone to cracking and are often covered by manufacturers with lifetime guarantees.

Simpler to maintain

Inclement weather, developing moisture, and the variance in temperatures from seasonal extremes can cause the ground to expand and contract. Eventually this means cracks will occur in weak spots in any material, including slabs of concrete. Because paving stones have more places that join and shift naturally with the ground, they are less likely to be affected by weather. In addition, if any cracks do occur, the cost to replace one or two patio pavers is much less than if you need to pour a large concrete slab.

Is it expensive?

The largest issue people mention when considering pavers is the upfront cost. While, over time, maintenance of a stone patio will save you money, the expenses at the beginning are around 30% more than other options. The material is heavy to transport and requires specialized crews to install. Despite this, an improvement in aesthetics and improved home value make stone pavers a wise choice.

Is it a huge install?

The work required, depending on the area of your patio, means a relatively large-scale construction project. Installation with an experienced crew can take 3-5 days and means some substantial work to level the sand and gravel, as well as laying, sealing, and edging the paving stones. However, unlike a concrete patio, once it is put in, you can walk on it immediately. Concrete usually takes 3 days or so to cure – so the timing before use is basically the same.

What about weeds?

Additional joints means more chances for weeds to grow. The use of polymer sand in joints hardens and does not allow weeds to break through.  While not 100% effective it can reduce weed intrusions by over 95% when compared to patios that do not use this material. Provided that you have the foresight and the means at the outset, you will be very happy with the choice of stone pavers for your patio in the long run. The versatility, aesthetic choices available, and ease of maintenance make it ideal for a homeowner who wants a beautiful product without the need to work hard (or pay more) on upkeep. If you live in San Diego, CA we can provide you with a stone patio that you will love. Contact us today for a free estimate! Discover the possibilities with our interactive collection of backyard paver patio ideas!