Paying Homage to the Backyard Bench

If there is one outdoor accessory that is often overlooked,

it’s the backyard bench. Nearly every homeowner has one of these classic pieces on display,

but few realize its worth. A bench provides more than just a place to rest your weary bones.

There are many ways to use backyard benches, and the large assortment of styles

and materials make these double-duty seats perfect for any outdoor setting. 

Create an Inviting Setting

The most welcoming environments almost always include some type of seating area. By simply positioning a few benches throughout your yard, you create an appealing atmosphere that tempts your guests to stick around.

You can place benches in areas that are shaded, or you can choose spots where you and your family can soak up the sun. 

The best places to put benches are areas where you spend the most time. If you and your loved ones enjoy nights around a fire, consider building benches into your deck.

Low decks that are bordered by backless benches instantly provide a feel of intimacy. You can also build benches into the railings of a high deck. The idea is to create multiple seating while maintaining an inviting aesthetic. 

If you prefer to bask in the romance of the outdoors, place smaller benches in sheltered areas. Look for cozy spots like the center of a large garden, the far corner of a fenced yard, or the unused side of the house.

To create a truly private setting, hide your bench underneath the canopy of shade trees or behind a large water fountain. 

Choose Focal Points

Backyard benches enhance various features in a yard or garden. How many times have you ignored the scents wafting from your rose garden or the chirps coming from your trees?

Many homeowners design the ultimate backyard but never fully experience it. Several well-placed benches throughout your yard may unexpectedly tease you as you glance out your windows on a sunny day.

Place a bench anywhere with a view or in any area you simply want to appreciate. If a pond or other water feature is the focal point of your yard, put a bench right at the edge rather than several feet away.

If your prized flower garden sends enticing fragrances across your yard, why not enjoy the aromas up close? Bookend your garden with small benches so you can delight in all the scents nature has to offer. 

Other areas where you may want to sit a spell include:

  • around a dining area
  • next to children’s play structures
  • underneath wind chimes
  • close to bird feeders
  • next to a dog house
  • near the neighbor’s chain link fence
  • near a pool

Give Your Benches Multiple Jobs

Benches not only look attractive, they have many uses. Storage benches are ideal for stashing children’s toys, garden tools, pool supplies and compost.

Planter benches allow you to uniquely display your prized herbs, flowers and greenery where their beauty will be appreciated.

You can even use the edges of your benches as shelving for your favorite outdoor sculptures.

By placing thick cushions on a long bench, you can create an outdoor lounger. A smaller, portable bench can double as an ottoman for any chair.

If you want an arbor but don’t have room to build one, you can construct one around any wooden bench. Add lattice sides, comfortable cushions, and a trellis overhead, and you can surround yourself with vines or flowers while you relax in a shady haven. 

Make the Bench the Star

Many beautiful outdoor settings use benches as the focus. Because of the countless materials available, you can easily turn any bench into an eye-catching piece of art.

One of the best ways to make your bench stand out is to choose a prominent color. Surround a bright green bench with burning bushes, or place an ornately designed wrought iron bench in front of a small garden statue. 

Some benches stand out more if they blend with the surroundings. A wooden bench positioned under a large oak tree suddenly becomes the point of interest.

To complement your paving stones, hire a professional to construct your bench from similar materials. If you cannot afford the bells and whistles of hardscaping, a cement bench is the ideal way to offset the understated hues found in nature.

Instead of viewing your bench as an accessory, consider it an incentive to enjoy your backyard. Get creative with designs and choose from various materials such as bamboo, metal, wood or stone.

You can even carve out benches from fallen trees. Install It Direct can offer more ideas on how to amp up your outdoor living space. Sign up today for a free estimate or join our mailing list for insider tips.