How to Make the Backyard Your Next Vacation Destination

If you’re searching for a new,

exciting vacation spot, look no further than your own backyard.

With the rising cost of gasoline,

more people are trying to find reasons to just stay home.

However, you don’t have to abandon the idea of a family vacation just to save money.

You can get creative and turn your backyard into a playful, comfortable and relaxing vacation destination. 

Visualize a Destination

Before you begin to convert your yard into a vacation spot, you should work on the aesthetics.

No matter how many features or comforts you add to the space, your family will lose interest immediately if it’s not visually appealing.

Don’t be afraid to take risks when it comes to designing. Vacation destinations are captivating because they are unique, so use innovation to transform your backyard

The best way to create a tempting ambiance is to evoke feelings of calmness and tranquility. You can do this by hanging light curtains around your patio or using white partitions to separate a lounge area.

Once your family visualizes a true getaway, they will be more likely to want to escape to it. You can also place daybeds covered in sheer linens to encourage relaxation.

Another trick that will tempt your family into taking a backyard vacation is to use scented candles for sensory recall. Buy scents that represent previous vacation pleasures such as tropical breezes, ocean waters, earthy woods or mountain rains.

You can also use colors and patterns to arouse memories. Animal print cushions, sea-colored throws and vibrant floral arrangements are just some pieces that symbolize vacation spots. 

Entice Your Guests

Whether you want to take a backyard vacation with family or friends, the space should be worth visiting. A comfortable, cozy, inviting lounge area is key.

Most backyards provide some sort of seating, but a vacation paradise needs more. Bring some old recliners from indoors or purchase rockers and add thick, plush cushions.

Even twin-sized beds make great loungers for several guests at once. Throw some soft blankets on them to add to their appeal.

For a tantalizing dining area, decorate a table with candles, flowers and small bowls filled with mouthwatering snacks. Place cushioned chairs around the table and off to the side so everyone can engage during mealtime.

Play soothing music through a portable device, or use a sound machine to recreate the sounds you and your family enjoy while on vacations. For a more electric atmosphere, you can listen to some island beats that energize your guests. 

Other items to include in your lounge area are:

  • a television
  • a swing or glider
  • a water feature
  • a fire pit
  • a space heater
  • a makeshift bar
  • a small outdoor refrigerator

Plan Activities

In order to convince your children and spouse that a backyard vacation is a good idea, you need deflect any cries of boredom.

Vacations are typically loaded with activities such as hiking, swimming, barbecuing and camping. You can replicate these pursuits with a little ingenuity.

Have a family barbecue allowing every member to prepare his or her own dish for grilling, or turn a backyard hiking expedition into a treasure hunt. 

If your family longs for the cool refreshment of the ocean or resort pool, offer the next best thing. Fill water balloons and squirt guns, turn on the garden hose or sprinkler, load up a baby pool and get silly.

When nighttime hits, bring out the sleeping bags and tents, and camp as if you’re in the mountains or woods. Explain to your children that no matter where they are, the stars look the same. 

To make sure the adults are entertained, plan a bar night in the comfort and safety of your own yard. Set up a counter with an assortment of adult beverages, and let your guests choose their favorite thirst-quenchers.

Supply cocktail umbrellas, decorative flowers, tall glasses and lots of fruit. Host limbo contests and partition off a section of pavers for a dance floor. 

You can keep the vacation vibe alive by taking part in these activities:

  • sunbathing and sipping cocktails
  • reading in a cozy lounge chair
  • roasting marshmallows or hot dogs at night
  • sightseeing around your yard
  • eating a gourmet meal at least once
  • participating in a family game night 

For most people, going on a vacation means unwinding, slowing down and relaxing. What better place to get calm than in your own backyard?

Your outdoor living space already has amenities you enjoy with your family. With a few imaginative touches, you can elevate it into an exciting, captivating and pleasant escape.

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