Is Artificial Grass Fire Resistant?

Artificial Grass Fire Resistant

Southern California locals often joke that we only have two seasons: fire season and flood season. And, of course, flood season follows fire season only when we are not experiencing drought conditions. Since we seem to almost always be in some state of drought, it can sometimes feel like fire season lasts all year long.

In areas like San Diego County, Orange County and Riverside County, the hot, dry climate and ample open space makes fire risk a very real concern for local homeowners. Most municipalities have strictly enforced rules regarding brush management and weed abatement around homes and in vacant lots to help control fire risk, and it is the responsibility of the property owner to adhere to these local ordinances.

With the combination of ongoing drought conditions and the potential for wildfires, many homeowners are surrounding their homes with landscaping that helps conserve water while also providing a fire-resistant area around structures. This includes selecting drought-tolerant, fire-resistant plants, pruning trees so that branches are not too close to structures, choosing fire-resistant ground covers and keeping fire features a safe distance from structures.

With the increasing popularity of artificial grass, some homeowners are now considering including this low-maintenance landscaping feature in their fire-resistant landscape designs. This, of course, leads to the question of whether or not synthetic grass is flammable, fireproof or fire resistant.

Artificial Grass Fire Retardant

Is Artificial Grass Fire Resistant?

Modern artificial grass products are fire resistant, and some manufacturers are now producing artificial grass products that are specifically designed to be fire resistant or fire retardant for use in areas with high fire risk. While this means that your synthetic lawn will not catch fire and burn with visible flames for an extended period of time, it does not mean that your manufactured grass would survive a fire unscathed.

While artificial grass is fire resistant, it will melt and singe. This means that embers from a nearby fire that fall on your fake grass will cause melted patches and that a fire adjacent to your lawn will melt larger areas. It is even possible that your entire lawn will melt from the heat or flames of a fire in very close proximity to it. It is also possible for a fire to jump across a synthetic lawn to reach flammable trees, plants, ground covers or structures, much like it can jump across a paved road.

Because fire resistant artificial grass will melt, it is also important to keep barbecue grills, fire pits and other fire features a safe distance from your lawn to avoid damage. It is also a good idea to avoid smoking on synthetic turf.

Fortunately, if one or more sections of your lawn is melted or has fire damage, artificial grass can be repaired. If there is extensive damage, it may be necessary to replace your entire lawn.

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