How to Have an Unforgettable Summer

Having an unforgettable…

summer doesn’t take much effort, and you can create lasting memories from your own backyard.

Many people load their summer days with vacations or organized activities.

This can lead to a quick burnout.

The secret to a full summer isn’t in a packed schedule.

With very little planning, you and your family can experience the relaxation and contentment only summertime can provide.

Call Upon Your Inner Child

If you think back to your most memorable summers, you will likely recall the days of your youth.

When you were child, the recipe for summer fun was probably quite simple.

The key to getting the most out of the warm season is to enjoy each day in the most basic sense.

Remember what you loved about summertime as a child, and use those interests to create some adult fun.

One of the best activities to center around an adult theme is camping.

Pitch a row of tents in your backyard, and invite friends over for an old-fashioned campout.

Have a bonfire, or place a fire bowl on pavers if your city prohibits open fires.

Make adult s’mores by turning the kid-friendly snack into an alcoholic beverage.

Simply combine two parts vodka with one part chocolate liqueur, and line a martini glass with marshmallow fluff.

Dip the glass in crushed graham crackers, and fill it with the vodka mixture. 

Other ways to turn childhood interests into adult activities include:

–  hosting a grilling competition using mystery ingredients

–  having a potluck barbecue 

–  inviting family over for a brown-bag picnic complete with adult-friendly smoothies

–  resting on a hammock while looking at cloud art

–  setting up a tiki bar on your patio

–  creating a mock beach club in your backyard

–  stargazing with the help of a sky map

Involve the Kids

Not only is it important to listen to your inner child during the warm season, it helps to include the younger generation in your plans.

Kids instinctively know how to have fun, and they are always ready to try something new.

If you want to make summer memories that will last a lifetime, spend some time with a child.

You may be surprised at how quickly you surrender to the silliness.

The fastest way to get kids giggling in the warm weather is to let them get wet.

Purchase a Slip ‘N Slide or turn on the sprinkler at full blast.

You could also have a water fight using only small tumblers and the garden hose.

Play musical chairs together, but place a water balloon on each chair before the music begins.

For those really hot days, fill large buckets with crushed ice, and place popsicles at the bottom.

Whoever is brave enough to plunge into the icy depths wins the prize. 

Instead of watching today’s youth run, skip, spin and twirl through life, join in on the fun.

Grab some butterfly nets and chase after those fluttering creatures.

Look for frogs, grasshoppers, fireflies or any other live treasures that nature provides.

Plan a timed scavenger hunt, and take part in the search.

Don’t look for the usual items such as stones or dandelions.

Instead, hunt for things like dead leaves, caterpillars or the fattest blade of grass.

Get Rid of The Schedule

Many people complain about the summer speeding by too quickly.

If you find yourself yearning for just a few more weeks of the warm weather, it may be because you overcomplicate things.

You can avoid the end of summer blues by temporarily putting away your planner.

Face each day with an open mind, and do what you long to in that moment.

Whether you want to spend the afternoon quietly reading underneath a shade tree or hosting a wild, beach-themed party, the days are yours to plan. 

It’s easy to lose sight of life’s simple pleasures during the summertime.

Something as easy as taking a walk may be a chore because it has been labeled as your daily exercise.

To fully appreciate everything summer has to offer, relearn how to walk through life.

Take a stroll for the sole purpose of observing your environment.

You may notice many new sights, sounds and smells.

The experience will guide you through each day so you don’t take any moment for granted.

Final Thoughts…

Everyone enjoys the summer season differently.

The key to making long-lasting memories is to do what makes you happy.

Play adult tag with the neighbors, have a contest for the most disturbing scary story, or host a sunny scrapbook day.

No matter what activities you take part in, plan them around what you enjoy most about this season.

As long as you fill each day with something that gets you laughing, your summer will be unforgettable.