Buying Tips: What to THINK about BEFORE you Buy your Hot Tub

Purchasing the right…

hot tub can make or break your outdoor spa experience.

There are multiple options to choose from, and each selection has benefits and disadvantages.

Many people choose hot tubs based on price, and they pay little attention to the other important details.

To make the best decision for you and your family, there are various factors to consider.

Portable or Permanent?

A permanent hot tub is constructed from a cement base, while a portable unit can be transferred from place to place.

Portable hot tubs are either inflatable or made from lightweight plastic materials.

Many of the larger, acrylic hot tubs on the market are considered permanent because of the installation and size factors.

Each type has pros and cons, so your choice should reflect your personal needs and tastes.

Portable spas are generally less expensive than permanent ones.

If you are new to the hot tub world, you may want to invest in a small portable unit first.

The advantage to choosing a portable tub is that you can place it in various locations.

As the seasons change, the position of your spa can change as well.

Inflatable and plastic hot tubs require little maintenance and are easy to install.

Most models can be plugged into a standard outlet.

Permanent above-ground and in-ground whirlpool tubs typically require professional installation and ground work.

Above-ground units are often placed on concrete pavers or a cement slab.

Permanent hot tubs are typically more durable and attractive than the portable counterparts.

They also provide built-in seating that movable tubs do not have.

While portable spas use blowers to create gentle water movement, permanent hot tubs use powerful jets.

Which Features are Important?

Before you begin looking for a hot tub, consider your budget.

The money you will spend depends on the size and type of tub you want.

Once you know your spending limits, carefully check the size of the area your spa will be placed in.

If you’re putting the hot tub in a sunroom or gazebo, measure different areas to find the best fit.

Make sure to choose a level spot near an electrical outlet.

Before picking a location, consider the views, noises and odors you may be exposed to.

When selecting a size, factor in how many people will use the unit at once.

A common choice is one that comfortably sits six people.

You should also determine how many jets you want the hot tub to have.

The power of the jets will vary as well. Some may pulsate while others circulate the water.

You can also choose from neck, shoulder, back and leg massaging jets.

The more jets you have, the greater your spa experience can be.

It’s a good idea to purchase your hot tub from a company that offers installation and maintenance support.

The supplier should also provide all the parts and accessories associated with your model.

Discount stores often have restored units, but many of these companies do not offer long-term support.

If you’re fussy about the color, shape, and finish of your hot tub, you may want to shop with a company that provides modern selections.

What are the Extras?

There is a large variety of hot tub accessories to choose from.

Most extras are inexpensive and can be found at any spa supply store.

As you use your hot tub, you will discover which items are essential for your needs and which ones are money wasters.

One of the most important accessories that any hot tub owner should have is a set of steps with built-in handrails.

Many steps come with storage compartments to place small accessories in.

Other necessities for your hot tub include a floating thermometer, a water testing kit and a locking cover.

Most above-ground hot tubs come with covers, but choosing one with a lock provides added protection.

Small children will be interested in your new addition, and a lock can discourage any curiosity.

Floating thermometers and test kits will keep your water at a safe temperature and pH level.

Some suppliers throw in small accessories as purchasing incentives.

To get more for your money ask about these extras:

  • foam or inflatable neck pillows
  • aromatherapy canisters
  • floating candles
  • waterproof radios
  • waterproof headphones
  • water-resistant televisions
  • floating beverage holders
  • waterproof playing cards

Whether you want a portable or permanent hot tub, it’s essential to research the entire range of products available to you.

The cost, size, look and function of each model can vary significantly.

Because there are so many different hot tubs on the market, you should not have to settle for a mediocre product.

If you understand your options and know your needs, you can soon be soaking away your stress and worries in the perfect hot tub.