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So you are thinking about a paving stone transformation for your home? INSTALL-IT-DIRECT can help you design your project and help you narrow your choices in regards to paving stone manufactures, paver styles and colors.

We work with and install all of the major paver manufacture’s products. All of the manufactures have features and benefits that vary from their competitors. In the coming weeks I will be featuring manufactures and interviewing their representatives to see what sets them apart from their competition. We have a fantastic relationship with all of the companies and each is special and unique in their own right and offer unique styles of pavers, colors and textures that vary from manufacturer to manufacturer.

Today I am meeting with Mathew Watters with Acker-Stone.

What sets Acker-Stone apart from your competition and why would a homeowner choose Acker-Stone?

Matt: At Acker-Stone, we pride ourselves in leading the way in technological advances in the concrete paver industry. We carry the largest variety of shapes and colors in both standard and permeable concrete pavers. Custom colors and designer textures are available in a variety of finishes including tumbled, shot blast, grind and hammer finishes. We are the only manufacturer in Southern California that manufactures Face Mix pavers. They provide a clean, contemporary dense surface with vibrant colors that make these appealing to both the homeowner and for commercial applications. We offer an array of products and colors which makes Acker-Stone standout vs other manufactures, if there is a color or shape a homeowner desires, we have it.

What are the most popular pavers for 2015?

Matt: The most popular pavers are still the tradition Antique Kobble rectangles 6”x9” and squares 6”x6”.  We also offer a larger 9”x12” that when mixed creates a unique Kobble three stone blend. The large 9”x12” inch is also very nice when used as a border stone. Other popular pavers are Combo Classic and Sienna Embossed Tumbled. We are also proud to announce new products to our line that are really unique and gaining in popularity.  They are: Aviano, Aviano Grande, Paseo, and Paseo Grande.

What are the most popular paver colors for 2015?

Matt: The most popular through-mix colors are: Desert Blend, Oak Creek Blend, and Catina Blend. The most popular face-mix colors are: Sandalwood, Rockwood, and Tuscan Oak.

I know there are a lot of patterns to choose from, what are the most popular paver patterns and designs for 2015?

Matt: The Random I Pattern with Antique Kobble Rectangle and Squares is a classic look and also the random patterns using (Sienna, Combo Classic, Paseo, Aviano) create a modern contemporary look.

What are the most popular free standing and retaining walls for 2015?

Matt: For Free Standing walls the Tuscan Wall Tumbled and for retaining walls it is the Mini Creta.

What are the most popular colors for walls?

Matt: The most popular wall colors for 2015 are Catina Blend and Desert Blend.

What is the most popular wall caps for 2015?

Matt: Aged Cap is the most popular capping system.

Why are Tumbled Pavers, Slate Top or pavers other than Combo Classic or Antique Kobble more expensive than the rest of your paver line?

Matt: Tumbled Pavers require additional labor costs and additional material costs from breakage. Slate top pavers are additional cost because of the enhanced surface and it is considered an additional texture to the surface. The production process increases the cost to manufacture the pavers.  Tumbled Pavers are produced with a non tumbled look at first and then are tumbled upon request. It is basically like putting your stones into a giant dryer machine and the stones collide with each other giving it the rough and tumbled look.  After tumbling the paver are hand selected and hand stacked.  During the process a lot of the pavers get broken.  These are then recycled.  This adds to the cost of production. Distressed pavers are given the textured looked with the specific mold for each product.  The added cost for distressed pavers is related to the machinery and molds needed for production.

Explain why there is a cost difference and up-charge for non stock colors and what colors are not?

Matt: It really come down to labor costs.  Changing the paver molds and changing the colors can be timely and require additional labor. Production is based around standard products and standard colors and the time it takes to add a non standard product or change colors adds additional time and labor. *We offer hundreds of different color combinations.

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What are the best laying patterns for a paver driveway?

Matt: Herringbone is the best interlocking pattern but all of our products when installed correctly offer extreme durability and added curb appeal.

When should a homeowner consider 80mm pavers for a driveway?

Matt: When the stone is 12 inches or longer.  The aspect ratio needs to be under 4 for vehicular traffic. Divide the Length of the paver by the thickness and that will give you the Aspect Ratio. Light Vehicular under 4, Heavy Vehicular should be under 3.

What is Acker-Stone Paver warranty and why it is different than the rest?

Matt: The Residential Warranty for Acker-Stone Industries provides a lifetime guarantee on the structural integrity of its paving stones to the original single-family home purchaser. Material installed strictly according to I.C.P.I. installation guidelines that prove structurally defective, will be replaced without cost. Color matching cannot be guaranteed. Replacement labor and transportation costs are not included in this guarantee. Poor or faulty installations that are not in compliance with I.C.P.I. guidelines will render this guarantee null and void.

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Is there a process for registering pavers for warranty and if so why this is important?

Matt: It is a simple process that involves contacting your local rep and they will provide you with the documentation needed. Very Easy!

What are the Pro’s and Cons of pavers?

Matt: I have provided you with a chart that should help with comparing pavers with concrete, Acker-Stone Pavers and Asphalt:

Advantages Acker-Stone Pavers

What is new for pavers and hardscape in 2016?

Matt: New Colors and new products to be revealed soon!

Stay tuned for more interviews….coming soon!