Announcing a NEW Financing Option for Artificial Grass Projects – The HERO Program

by Ronald Dombroski

HERO Program Registered Contractor San Diego Ca - INSTALL-IT-DIRECT
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INSTALL-IT-DIRECT is proud to announce that we are participating in the HERO Financing Program for our Artificial Grass projects.

HERO stands for Home Energy Renovation Opportunity and is the fastest growing energy efficiency financing solution in the country.  When used to replace your current lawn with our beautiful Artificial Grass installations it will help reduce your water consumption for your old lawn and combined with water conservation throughout your home, you should notice a significant savings on your water bills.

This HERO program is a great opportunity for homeowners to participate in a local government financing program designed to improve homes throughout the community.

With HERO you make payments on your turf improvement by adding the cost of your project onto your property taxes.  It is an opportunity to spread the cost of your project over the term of the approved financing.  In most cases if you sell your home the remaining balance is transferred to the new owner.


Artificial Grass Financing San Diego Ca -  HERO Program
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Here are other features of the program:


1.You can borrow up to 10% of your homes value

2. No credit score is required

3. Interest is tax deductible

4. Approval is instant

5. Lower your energy bills and increase the value of your home by adding beauty and curb appeal.


Synthetic Grass Financing San Diego, CA
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For more information please visit:


    • or call 855-HERO-411
    • or give us a call and we’d be glad to help: 858-925-3000


HERO Financing Overview Video:


Ronald Dombroski

Ron is a 1986 graduate of Jacksonville University where he achieved a BS degree in Management and Social Economics. His Liberal Arts background also focused heavily on the Arts and Humanities. Ron will not only enjoy helping you design your project but he will also be with you throughout your transformation to ensure a great experience and a product that will not only add value and durability to your home but one that you will consider “ a work of art” for years to come. You can follow Ron on Google+.

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