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Synthetic Turf & Artificial Grass Installation Company in San Diego, Ca

INSTALL-IT-DIRECT is the Fastest Growing Synthetic Turf Installation Company in San Diego, CA; changing a lot of peoples mind about the contractors and transforming them into Extremely Happy Customers.

Our rapid growth in Southern California is largely attributed to our Lean Methodology. We deconstructed the entire synthetic turf industry piece by piece and found many opportunities to make the system better; a lot better.

  • The 1st and most important ingredient in creating a highly successful installation company was going to be the installers we recruited to our team. We analyzed all the turf companies in existence and researched all the installers. In our discovery we learned a lot about the huge variance in the level of experience of the turf installers. The installers with a lot of experience are hard to find and once we located our team, we quickly recruited them.
  • The 2nd piece of the equation was to evaluate all the synthetic turf options on the market. There is also a large difference in the quality of turf that is available. We quickly discovered the manufacturer that was the biggest, most reputable, and is leading the way in terms of producing the latest, most innovative synthetic turf technology.

Our formula is simple: Hire the best, install only the highest quality turf, eliminate all unnecessary overhead, and pass as much savings onto our customers. We let our customers do the talking for us.

There are a few things you should consider BEFORE YOU HIRE your turf installer:

  • The 1st item is that ALL the synthetic turf companies buy the material from one of six worldwide manufacturers (Tiger Turf, Challenger, Crystal Turf, Controlled Products, Field Turf Tarkett, Turf Store). Most of the installation companies will change the name so that it is harder to identify the actual manufacturing source. The main thing to note is that the material should be the same across the board assuming you are comparing the same turf manufacturer.
  • The 2nd and most important thing to consider is the actual installation crew that will be installing your synthetic turf. Since most of the companies hire subcontractors to install the synthetic turf, you will want to do a little homework and find out which sub you will get on day #1 of the installation. INSTALL-IT-DIRECT have both in-house crews as well as exclusive access to the most qualified synthetic turf subcontractors in the business. All our in-house turf installers are employees of IID and have over 15 years of experience. Our level of experience is unmatched in the turf industry as no other company has as much experience installing synthetic turf.

Please read our Blog for a lot more insight into selecting the “right synthetic turf installation company” to install your project.

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