Backyard Landscaping Ideas

Our backyards are the best place to spend time with the family, relax, or entertain guests. If you have a boring or sloped backyard, you may be looking to spruce up the landscaping. We put together 50 backyard landscaping ideas to help you decide which outdoor elements will work best for your outdoor living space. Use the filters below to browse through the different ideas.

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Outdoor Living Features
Backyard landscape with gazebo, pool, and splash pad.

This landscape combines multiple hardscape options such as pavers, a fireplace, and a gazebo. Contrasted with a pool, waterfall, and splash pad, these water features create an inviting ambiance.

Pool area with slide and beautiful paving stones.

This tranquil backyard pool is surrounded by a sophisticated deck of interlocking pavers. The stone is also the setting for a spa and a sweeping waterslide.

Backyard pool area with a waterfall and paving stones.

This welcoming pool area matches a patio laid with elegant paving stones and hewn stone walls leading up to a dark wood decking, but the eye catching element is the amazing waterfall that brings the beautiful setting together.

Triple row seating area surrounding a fire pit with a pool close by.

The theater style seating wall mixed with the circular pavers and firepit are great for entertaining large parties. The seat wall is a great way to transform a retaining wall into a usable area.

Putting green with artificial grass areas next to a pool.

Tastefully matching a pool patio area with a putting green is a lovely way to incorporate all of the family's favorite activities into one backyard.

A small pond next to a beautiful garden with bench.

A water feature, in this case a small pond, can add serenity to your outdoor space, especially when it sits near a nicely framed gazebo

Backyard landscape with loose rocks, patio table, and rustic gazebo.

The colors of the red pavers and flowers help this artisan backyard landscape stand out. Grouped with a rustic gazebo, you have a timeless entertainment space.

Paving stones laid down next to an outdoor kitchen and jar fountains on a raised wall bed.

Level up your backyard landscape with an outdoor kitchen. Surrounded with gorgeous hardscape features, you will surely impress your guests.

Garden area with thick trees and a pond.

Perfectly punctuated with pavers, clean beauty gives way here to a lovely water feature. The pond even has a calming waterfall for contemplative days in the backyard.

Pond next to red pavers and loose stones.

Even with modern paving stones, like the ones here, it is possible to match with a rustic water feature and still get a consistent outdoor atmosphere that is at once elegant and based in nature.

Landscape designed with waterfalls and flat stones.

Positioning rough-hewn stone properly in this backyard water feature creates a lovely waterfall that flows serenely into a larger pool.

Pond with beautiful plants surrounding it, and a small grass area.

This tranquil pool like this one is an aquascaping element that makes a backyard feel cooler, calmer and more attuned to the natural environment.

Pond next to grass and garden.

In this rustic backyard garden, a pond crafted of hewn stones gives off a feeling of quotidian grace. The addition of a trickling waterfall is a relaxing bonus for the eyes and ears.

A gazebo covering an outdoor patio area with bench swing and outdoor fireplace.

A fireplace and angled roof structure adds year-round usefulness to this outdoor patio, so it is possible to entertain or enjoy a romantic late night outside, even in winter.

Pergola covering an outdoor fireplace area.

This is a lovely setting to enjoy the outdoors with a paving stone patio and full fireplace on the deck. These wooden benches are a perfect place to gaze up at the stars with guests.

Loose pebble pathway with multiple pergolas.

This pebbled pathway is a wonderful way to welcome guests to a backyard hideaway under a series of pergolas surrounded by lovely outdoor fauna.

Patio with loose stones set with concrete and pavers, with a dark brown pergola.

This landscape combines natural colors of the home and pergola with large pavers and pebbles for a natural aesthetic.

Walkway lined with loose stone and grass on the outside.

The winding stone walkway that leads to this patio is a whimsical and aesthetically pleasing way to let guests know to expect a hospitable atmosphere of friendship.

Shaded wooden bench surrounded by a beautiful flower garden.

This purposefully ivy-overgrown trellis makes for a surprise hideaway in a garden set with elegant cobblestone pavers.

Modern pergola covering a patio seating area.

A gorgeous modern pergola is the perfect accent for sophisticated smooth lines of smooth stone on a patio. This seems like a wonderful place to enjoy a sunset after a long day.

Lakeside patio area with in-ground fire pit.

Perfect for warming up after a day on the water, the in-ground fire pit and flagstone pavers mesh well in this lakeside backyard.

Pavers cover the entire landscape from walls to fire pit.

This backyard setup lets you enjoy s'mores in style. Smooth lines and a fire pit fire strip keeps things safe and clean while giving the yard warmth. Perfect for an outdoor Fall cocktail party.

Woods patio area with seating and an outdoor fireplace.

The abundance of trees and rock stream make this backyard design feel secluded. A nice hidden area for catching up with loved ones by the fireplace.

Outdoor fireplace with blue paving stones laid in a flower pattern.

An outdoor fireplace turns even a chilly night into a time to enjoy outdoor space. Imagine sitting by the fire and snuggling on crisp evenings.

Backyard area with raised wall and putting green.

Adding a putting green to the backyard is aesthetically pleasing and great for anyone trying to lower their handicap on the course.

Putting green next to paving stone walkway.

Pavers and a putting green are a great way to transform any backyard into an eventful entertaining space. Not only is the putting green great for practicing but for pets and kids to play on.

Tiki inspired backyard with artificial grass and loose stones.

Artificial grass and a loose rock walkway create a unique landscape, especially with an Easter Island moai statue. This is a water smart landscape with beautiful drought tolerant plants throughout.

Putting green area with palm trees surrounding the grass.

The putting green with multiple putting cups and surrounding palm trees create a relaxing vacation scene.

Retaining wall with different plants and flowers.

A garden half-wall of stone creates a leveling effect that makes the backyard landscape feel fuller and more verdant.

Lush backyard with different shades of green plants and clean cut grass.

Neatly set flower beds, leveled with arching walls, creates a sweeping beauty that cascades down onto a manicured lawn.

Tiki inspired patio with outdoor firepit and outdoor kitchen.

A well-appointed tiki bar and matching pavers and firepit turn this backyard landscape into a paradise.

Outdoor firepit surrounded with pavers and tree bark.

This beautifully arranged gas fire pit, surrounded neatly with interlocking pavers, has an advantage of never needing kindling or lighter fluid to get going, and it is so much cleaner than a regular wood burning counterpart.

Patio fire pit with steps leading to water.

Multiple levels are a great way to utilize space in some backyard landscapes. Couple this with a pool and patio fire pit for a place to wind down.

Outdoor patio with fireplace, bbq, and colored paver patterns.

A fireplace adds comfort and style to a well-appointed paver laid back patio. This one made of rough hewn stone lends a rustic feel to the backyard landscape.

Outdoor fireplace with matching paving stones.

This elegant backyard set up includes a full fireplace for nights when you want to stay toasty on your patio. The faux gaslights give a classic victorian feeling to it all.

Covered patio with modern fireplace and vaulted ceiling.

This ultra-modern patio is a part of the house itself, with a vaulted ceiling and clean lines leading to a balanced stone fireplace. It looks like the ideal spot for a warm drink on a cold night.

Covered patio connected to the home with heaters and a contemporary fireplace.

This outdoor space, with its beadboard ceilings, feels like a real part of the home, but walls that open out into nature to allow the comforts of inside in the outdoors. The added fireplace means that that outdoor setting never gets too chilly to enjoy.

Putting green made of artificial grass with a hammock and drought resistant plants.

The drought tolerant design is brought to life with artificial grass and putting green. Utilize your backyard lawn space for practicing putts and family time.

Large backyard with putting green and lots of open space.

Backyard putting greens are a great way to enjoy the outdoors in the comfort of your home. No matter the size of your backyard, they can be installed in any size or shape desired.

Beautiful red flagstone pavers next to color matching loose rock stones and drought tolerant plants.

If you are into a Southwestern style backyard, incorporating red flagstone pavers with loose rocks and drought tolerant plants will do the trick.

Polished loose pebbles in between square pavers.

Pavers can be installed in different ways, as depicted here with tumbled pebbles in between.

Backyard landscape with a number of shrubs and plants.

Paving stones and nicely set landscaping can include plants and shrubs rather than grass to surround a patio with a verdant yard atmosphere without the hassle of mowing.

Backyard steps with garden beds in between.

A steep slope can be transformed into a staircase with multiple garden beds, providing a relaxing stroll in your backyard.

Green landscape with giant flagstone pavers as a walkway.

The rustic feel of overgrown flagstones can be a romantic treat, like in this casually quaint backyard setting.

Paving stone walkway broken into pieces for a unique style.

Pavers don't have to be interlocked together entirely. Integrate grass into your backyard walkways with pavers installed in sections.

Grass pavers underneath a wooden chair.

Grass pavers are a great addition to any backyard landscape. They allow rain to filter into the soil and look beautiful next to natural features

Modern patio with clean concrete, wood siding, and sail shade.

For a contemporary landscape, combine smooth concrete with wood and even a shade sail.

Drought resistant plants next to a raised bed.

Replacing your grass with drought resistant plants is a great way to liven up your landscaping. They add a raised plant bed here for more levels and a better aesthetic feel.

Concrete patio next to grass and loose stone.

Elegantly lined concrete slabs matched with a gravel path give a clean and beautiful sense of balance to this backyard landscape which is surrounded by a nicely stained wooden fence.

Landscape with alot of vegetation, accompanied with a fire pit and small waterfall.

Introduce contrasting natural elements into your landscape with a fountain and firepit. Also, hillsides are a great way to show off different colors of vegetation.

If you are interested in working with a professional landscape architect and designer, we can help! We service the city of San Diego, CA and can transform your backyard into the outdoor living space you have always dreamed of.