Durable Synthetic Pet Turf

synthetic turf for pets

If you have pets and you have grass, then you know how hard it can be to keep your grass looking green year around. Pet turf is a great option for you and your pets. You can now enjoy a lush green lawn all year long without having to worry about where your pets go to the bathroom.

There are several installation steps that are different from a typical landscape turf installation. 1st we will want to install a turf deodorizer with your base preparation to help with neutralizing the ammonia smell from the urine. 2nd, we will recommend that we install a membrane in-between your turf and base, which allows for proper air circulation underneath the turf. 3rd we will add more turf deodorizer on-top of your installation along with the infill installation. This provides added protection for the ammonia smell.

If you are finding that your pets are urinating in one particular spot, then we suggest that you keep a concentrated bottle of the turf deodorizer with you to treat that area periodically.

Learn more how Pet Turf could be a great choice and help save you money each month on our Blog.

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