Urea "Z"

The Pet Odor Solution

  • Eliminates urine odors on any surface
  • Uses advanced microbe technology
  • 100% natural and environmentally safe
  • Comes in liquid concentrate form
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Urea “Z” is a microbe-based product designed to eat urea, which is the chemical found in urine that creates the pungent/ammonia odor smell.

Why use Urea “Z”?

With artificial turf and dog urine, the uric salt can get trapped in the fibers of the turf. This gives it an opportunity to ferment. If you are rinsing your artificial turf with water, that introduces food for the bad bacteria. Uric salt dries in crystal form and by trying to rinse the area you are feeding the bad bacteria. It is not soluble so it will end up smelling worse.

How it works?

Urea “Z” is developed for easy application with a pump sprayer or directly to your garden hose. When applied, the microbe will soak into the thatching and make it their home. Once residing in the thatching or soil, they wait for the urine so they can eat. The microbes multiply every 20 minutes so you will never be short of soldiers to take care of the odor problem by multiplying or reapplication as needed, they build a colony designed to ingest the urine and convert it to water and carbon dioxide. This is a perfect by-product for everything green living outdoors to thrive an.

Where to use the product?

This product will work on any surface. You will only need to spray the product on the areas that have been urinated on. It can be applied to dry or wet surfaces and even in water. It can be used on substrates, flooring, carpet or trash cans or any surface that has urine on it. You will begin to treat your areas starting once or twice a week, and then reduce the amount of applications once your colony of microbes is built. This is, however, a very efficient product and it is diluted with water so it lasts a long time. Usually within an hour the microbes have done their job and the smell should have dissipated.


Urea “Z” is 100% natural. There are no chemicals involved. It is a sly bacteria in a water slick type stasis that keep the microbes asleep until mixed with water. It is safe for pets, humans, birds, fish vegetation, landscape, trees and animals. Other products will try to mask odors that will come back over time. Our product’s sole purpose is for treating urine. One gallon contains over 3 trillion microbes and, every 20 minutes, they will multiply and double.


Urea “Z” is packaged in liquid concentrate form. One gallon of concentrated Urea “Z” will make sixteen gallons of product. It is best to use a pump sprayer, so depending on the size of you yard and the amount of area you are treating, you will need to consider the size and type of sprayer that provides the best ease of use. You can use a sprayer that attaches directly to your garden hose. This method allows you to pour the concentrated Urea “Z” into the container and your garden hose will deliver the water directly to the mixture.

After you have mixed the water with the concentrate, let it sit for five minutes before you begin pumping and spraying. It is also important to note that you will get a higher yield and have more effective treatments if you work early in the morning or prior to dusk in the evening. You will lose product if it is sprayed on too hot of a surface. If you are working in hot weather conditions, even if it morning or evening, more applications may be needed. Also, windy conditions may cause product to drift and dilute your treatment. In most cases you will be using the medium-use mixture of 16 ounces for older areas, and weaned down to the mild application, which is 8 ounces of Urea “Z” to a gallon.

One gallon of mixed product will cover 2500 sqft

High Odor

Mix 32 ounces of Urea "Z" to one gallon of water

Medium Odor

Mix 16 ounces of Urea "Z" to one gallon of water

Mild Odor

Mix 8 ounces of Urea "Z" to one gallon of water

* product is sold in 1gal container

We installed 600 square feet of Artificial Grass around our pool in San Diego, CA and have three dogs (small-large) who use the turf as their potty area.

The smell (of urine) was getting so bad that my husband and I were very close to ripping out our grass completely, as we couldn’t stand it any longer. The smell was that bad to where we didn’t want to have guests over to our place due to the embarrassing odor from our backyard. We tried all sorts of products on Amazon that claimed to address the odor issue, all of which masked the smell for a short period and then it came right back.

I finally stumbled upon IID's Urea Z product which sounded different than all the others I had tried. I treated the areas where my dogs did their business at night every night for four days and by the fifth morning the smell was gone. We do continue to use the product to this day on a maintenance schedule so as to keep the microbes in full-force taking care of any odor issues before they have a chance to become a problem. We are so thankful for this product as it has allowed us to get back outside and enjoy our backyard without the unpleasant pet odors."

Laurie Morton (San Diego, CA)

Laurie Morton