Pool Deck Pavers

Pavers are becoming the industry leading material for new and revamped pool decks. Not only do the pool deck pavers offer many more choices in terms of colors, patterns, styles, it is their versatility that sets them apart from the pack

If you have a pool deck or are in the process of installing a new pool, then you are well aware of all the utilities that lie underneath the surface. Imagine that a pipe breaks or the skimmer needs to be replaced, how are you going to repair this issue if you have a rigid surface like concrete, stamped concrete, or any other rigid material? The answer is that you will have to saw-cut the area and then re-pour the concrete in an attempt to match the older concrete. Basically the repaired area will never look the same and will be very noticeable and not aesthetically pleasing.

If you install pavers, then you will never have this problem as the pavers can be lifted, the problem solved and then the pavers can be replaced without ever knowing there was an issue.

Another important feature is the fact that the pavers are non-skid and non-slip, which is very important around pool decks as you do not want anyone slipping and falling.

One of the most important benefits of selecting pavers for your new pool deck is that this will be the very last pool deck you will ever have to invest in. The pavers are backed with a manufacturer’s lifetime warranty against breaking and cracking.

Pavers are the only option amongst all the pool deck surfaces that add value to your property, since this will be the last pool deck that you will have to purchase. All the other products like concrete, stamped concrete, flagstone, tile, etc. will eventually crack, fade and will need to be replaced.

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