Custom Outdoor Kitchens and BBQ Islands

Bring your chef skills outdoors with a custom outdoor kitchen or BBQ island. Whether you are looking to cook a simple dinner or to entertain multiple guests, a custom outdoor kitchen will get the job done in style, while also improving the aesthetic and value of your backyard.

Outdoor Kitchen & Grill Island Design Process

Like most landscape design projects, the first step in designing an outdoor grill area is to make a list of features you would like to include. Do you just want an outdoor BBQ island with a built-in grill or do you want a full al fresco kitchen with a refrigerator, sink, icemaker, storage cabinets, side burners, and plenty of counter space for preparing meals?

The next steps include picking the best spot in your yard, assessing how much space you have to work with, and determining your budget for the project. You will likely give some thought to aesthetics and function at this time as well, including what kind of materials you want to use for the base, cabinets, and countertops. You will also need to decide if your grill area will be covered or uncovered.

Once you have a general idea of where you would like your outdoor barbeque island, how big it will be, which features it will include, and your project budget, it is time to connect with a designer who will help you design your own outdoor kitchen with the help and advise of a professional.

Our designers have years of experience helping San Diego homeowners create the outdoor kitchens of their dreams and are ready to help you get started on yours.

The first step in working with Install-It-Direct for outdoor kitchen design services is contacting us for a free estimate. We will then schedule a no-cost, on-site consultation to assess the location and discuss the project. You will receive a 3D rendering of the design, and your dedicated designer will go over the design and answer your questions. Your designer and project manager will then oversee the installation.

You can get an idea of the cost of your project with our free Outdoor Kitchen Cost Guide.

Outdoor BBQ Island Building Materials Options

Choosing the right outdoor kitchen cabinets and countertops is an essential part of the design process, but with so many options available, it can be difficult to determine which is right for you. When considering your options, it is important to remember that your outdoor kitchen will need to withstand rain, sun, wind, and years of regular use. You will also need to consider maintenance requirements, general durability, functionality for you and your family, and, of course, visual appeal.

Outdoor Kitchen & Grill Island Cabinets

Cabinet options include stainless steel, powder-coated stainless steel, wood, marine-grade aluminum, polyvinyl chloride (PVC), high-density polyethylene (HDPE), and masonry, such as pavers, stone, or bricks. You will often see a combination of masonry and metal in our past outdoor kitchen and grill island projects, since this option offers durability and minimal maintenance and performs well in San Diego’s warm, near-coastal climate with lots of sunshine. One of our designers will be happy to discuss cabinet materials options with you to help you determine which is the best choice for your patio kitchen.

Outdoor Kitchen & Grill Island Countertops

Outdoor kitchen countertop materials include paving stones, granite, limestone, flagstone, concrete, slate, quartz, travertine, copper, stainless steel, marble, tile, and wood. Some of these are beautiful but high maintenance, some do not hold up well over time outdoors, and some are solid choices that we recommend regularly. Which option is best for you depends on whether your grill island is on a covered patio, the aesthetics you are looking for, your budget, how durable you need your counters to be, and how much maintenance you want to perform over the years.

To help determine which BBQ island countertops are right for you, check out our outdoor kitchen countertops ideas and tips page, or give us a call to connect with a designer.

Outdoor Kitchen & Grill Island Customization Options

Patio kitchen design does not stop with your choice of cabinets and counters. There are also many options to consider adding to create a custom kitchen that meets your needs. For example, popular outdoor kitchen customizations include sinks, built-in side burners, refrigerators, pizza ovens, warming drawers, icemakers, griddles, dishwashers, and even built-in blenders.

Customization options will be limited if you choose prefabricated outdoor grill islands, but if you choose a custom kitchen design, the options are essentially limitless. We can include a patio fireplace, an outdoor dining room, a bar, a television, fans, heaters, beverage refrigerators, a smoker, and storage for all your outdoor entertaining supplies.

Choose Install-It-Direct for Your Outdoor Kitchen Island Design & Installation

Install-It-Direct offers outdoor kitchen design and custom BBQ island design for homeowners in San Diego and the surrounding areas. Our team of designers, project managers, and installation crews is ready to help you turn your outdoor kitchen dreams into reality. Contact us today at (858) 925-3000 or [email protected] to get started today.

Built-In Grills

The grill is the centerpiece of almost every outdoor kitchen and BBQ island. Choose from a large variety of different sizes and features when it comes to a built-in grill.

Built-In Smokers

Looking for a low and slow method to cook deliciously flavored meats? Consider adding a built-in smoker to your outdoor kitchen for perfectly smoked meats.

Built-In Side Burners

Keep all of your cooking outdoors with a side burner. No need for you to go indoors to make any side dishes on the stove.

Built-In Trash Cans

Maintain a clean and orderly outdoor kitchen with built-in trash cans. They can slide smoothly into your BBQ island to hide any messes and odors.

Built-In Pizza Ovens

Create gourmet pizza in the comfort of your backyard with a built-in pizza oven.

Built-In Refrigerators

Ditch the standard cooler and keep your ingredients fresh and your beverages cold with a built-in refrigerator.

Built-in Speakers

Entertain your guests with tunes coming from your built-in speakers made to withstand the outdoors.

Built-In Sinks

A built-in sink is a practical addition to your outdoor kitchen. Now you are able to wash your hands and prepare ingredients next to your BBQ.

Built-In Warming Drawers

If you are making a lot of food, a warming drawer will keep your food fresh and at the perfect temperature up until it’s time to serve.

Built-In Lighting

If you are grilling at night, lights are a must to keep an eye on your delicious meal. Built-in lighting can also keep your cabinets and stools illuminated.