Q + A with Joven of Urea Z – The Pet Odor Solution

Joven: Our product is called Urea Z. It’s a microbe-based product designed to eat urea, which is the chemical found in urine that causes that pungent ammonia type smell. Now, with artificial turf and dog urine, the uric salt can get trapped in the fibers. If that happens, it can sit and ferment. We developed a product called Urea Z, easy to apply. It can go on with a commercial pump up sprayer and/or a 32-ounce bottle that hooks right to your hose where you can shoot your whole lawn. It saves you time.

How it works is the microbe will get down into the thatching and they make it their home. They stay there and they wait for urine to come so they can eat. They multiply every 20 minutes so you will never be short of enough soldiers to take care of the odor problems. The microbe ingest the urine and turn it into water and carbon dioxide, which happen to be the two components that everything living outdoor green loves to eat. With that being said, we knew that there was a need for this product and we wanted to get something out there immediately. We wanted to talk to all of the companies like you guys at Install It Direct. Get some of the product out there so your folks can go ahead and see how it works and see for themselves and enjoy the backyards.

Ronald: Excellent. We have had great success referring this product to all of our clients. Gentlemen, I don’t know how many yards I’ve even gone into prior to installing artificial grass. It’s just that native soil, sod, and the smell of urine is overwhelming. Will this product work on regular outdoor areas as well?

Joven: That’s a great question. Absolutely. This product works on any dry, wet, and in water. As long as there is a thatching where the microbe can live, in other words, house and multiply. Pretty much anywhere is good. The product is great to use on substrates. It is great to use on trash cans. Often you’ll see urine on a bus stop edge or a fire hydrant. It will be black and it gets very smelly from the sun. You simply can spray the product right on top and usually within an hour your smell is gone.

What it does is, every 20 minutes those guys are going to keep multiplying. You have to know that inside of one gallon there is over three trillion microbes. There’s so many microbes. We can’t see them so it is difficult to recognize that there is so many out there. If they were bees they would blacken the sky. That’s how much. Then every 20 minutes, they’re just doubling. With that being said, this product is like an antibiotic.

How do we use the product? How much do we use, okay? Depending on the size of your yard, how many animals you have and the size of your animals, the amount of urine that comes out of a medium sized dog is about six ounces. If you take that and they go three or four times a day that is 24 ounces. Do the math. We have buildings downtown that are receiving 300 gallons of urine in and around their properties from the animals downtown.

Again, this is a great product. It is a product that once you start using, you wean it down, but you never stop. The urine is never going to stop coming. The new bacteria from the pee pee is going to come. That is why you continue to use the product. You can’t just lay it down once and they multiply to infinity and you never have to use it again. I want to make sure that you understand that.

Ronald: Another common question is, is it safe?

Joven: Absolutely safe. This product is… how do I explain? It’s all natural. There are no chemicals here. What we are dealing with is slight bacteria in a water fixed type stasis form that is a special product that keeps the microbe asleep. It’s no harm to aquatics, birds, fish or any of your landscapes, 100%.

Ronald: If somebody has children, they have pets, they are treating the area with this, the kids are flying are around?

Joven: Not an issue, absolutely. In fact now, they are playing on the grass and they are bringing in the bad bacteria. Bad bacteria, good bacteria they both exist. Do we have to have them? Absolutely. We need them to live. We need to coexist. We love our animals. We love our dogs like they are our children. We know how it is a difficult decision. At the end of the day, you can coexist in your backyard.

If you have some odors in the front near a certain palm that your dog likes, spray it around the trunk. The microbe will then reach into the thatching and live two and three feet down into the earth. If you have shrubbery, such as these guys here. Or if you have a peaking hedge-type rose and they like to urinate around here. If they urinate on top, spray on top here. Let that product fall just like the urine did. It will take the same track. When they urinate in cracks and the crack will carry it six feet that way and we are still wondering why it smelled so bad. Again, they get right in the crack. How you will use it? We use natural gravity fed. Wherever they urinate on a constant basis you apply the product about two inches higher than that and it will fall and take the same route.

Ronald: You bring up a good point, too. If somebody does artificial grass in their front yard and the neighbors are walking their dog and they’re using that as a bathroom in that front yard area…

Joven: Exactly. There’s a lot of times you come out and it’s not even your animal. You may not even have an animal and your yard is smelly. Or two doors down, the wafting from the place that has a lot of animals because you carry it down your neighborhood. The product is cost effective. It is super easy to use. Super, super eco-friendly.

Ronald: You mentioned also that it converts the urea to water.

Joven: Absolutely, to water. Like in the gulf when we had the oil spill, they released microbes that ate hydrocarbons. These were called Bacillus Metellus [SP]. What they did was attached themselves to the oil that was just below the surface churning and churning. They attached themselves to the oil and they stay there until the food is gone. And then they die.

What we’ve done was take the same process and attack urine now or, urea, the chemical. A specific microbe had to be discovered. You don’t make a microbe. You have to discover which [inaudible 00:07:01] that particular chemical where you basically perform that and only that. Our product only eats urine. Just so you know, this is very important. Other products out there may say they treat urine, but they may treat 5 or 6 or 10 different things in the bottle. You have to understand, in the bottle, you may have 10% of the soldiers that actually do the urine work. The 90% won’t do anything. They won’t even eat it. They’ll simply die. It’s not their food source.

I want you to know that we specifically designed it that way. Our microbes are also made under water. They are hermetically sealed because microbes can get cross contaminated. Very simple. Their molecular structure will change in transfer and now they won’t eat the food that they’re designed to eat. This is a big deal. We take pride in that.

Ronald: You bring up a good point too. A great point. There’s a lot of products on the market that act as a deodorant. They are just masking the odor and not getting to the root of the problem.

Joven: In our product, you will smell a little bit of spearmint in the beginning. Reason being is that commercial applications when there’s folks out there, some folks need to smell an immediate relief. It gives their mind relief. Now I know that you must remove the source in order to remove the odor completely. What our product does is it may smell good for the first 5 or 10 minutes in the spearmint flavor, but what it’s designed to do is deliver you no smell. You just smell the good old outdoors, some flowers going by. You should be smelling those things, not fragrance if you will.

Again, our product if you’re looking, that’s a great question. Don’t mask your products with a smell good product. You are only going to have to use it again. It only lasts 5 or 10 minutes anyways and then it’s going to come back again and again. We need to remove the source. In carpet, works excellent. [inaudible 00:08:57] carpeting if you will or even anything with fabric, cross fabric. It comes in wet but when it dries, it dries in crystal clumps. So we call Stanley Steemer, the guy to come out and clean your carpet and he’s trying to pull a clump through a bunch of mesh. All he did was rewet the situation because bacteria loves what? Water and oxygen. So when we come and deliver water to the carpet, we’ve delivered food. You just woke them all up again. Ural salt is not soluble once it’s crystallized. It won’t re-melt down. That’s the biggest issue.

Ronald: That brings up where somebody is thinking that “We are just going to rinse the area down where the dog’s urinating at.”

Joven: Not a good thing. You just spread it. Basically, you are just feeding the microbe or the bad bacteria. Your smell is going to climb. You’re going to go, “Wow! We just hosed that down, right? It smells worse.” I want you to know that when that happens, and it’s often sometimes treating for the first or second time, it would seem like the area has gotten worse. I don’t want you to be alarmed because what’s happened is the microbe are ingesting and releasing gasses by the millions. That’s why it smells like, “Wow, it’s gotten really strong.”

What’s going to happen is our microbe don’t eat the other microbe. Our microbe pushed the bad microbe back. Bacteria, so they just allow them to eat. If they can’t eat every constant second they simply die. You have big microbe pushing the smaller ones to the back. They’re dying. They’re the ones that are causing the smell.

Our big guys are up front still taking care of the biological break down. We want that pee moved on, but we don’t want…okay. That, my friend, is where Urea Z comes in. This is why we developed it. It works on anything, really. Dry, wet, carpeting type products or areas, and/or shrubbery. We do a lot with the homeless downtown.

Ronald: With an area, somebody has a large yard or even a small yard, you can treat the area that the dog is specifically going in? If you had multiple dogs and they’re going everywhere you might have to treat the entire area?

Joven: You might. Here’s the idea. Dogs are amazingly smart, and they are creatures of habit. When we open the back door and they run off, they are basically looking for a spot they haven’t usually marked yet and will mark it. We found in our product, that we did put an attractant in there that the animals want to urinate in that direction. The idea, the big picture would be to get an area designated for your animal to do their business. And they will do their business. I don’t have any today, but I have something that I will bring out to you.

Ronald: Great point. If somebody just installed turf, the artificial grass, they can start treating an area before they let their dog out and then they might be drawn to that area?

Joven: Absolutely, make it that area. You might want to do that before you buy the rest of the yard. That way they’ll pick out the spot. Make it their spot. It’s their spot. Create in their minds. Boom. Usually, I will take that patch of grass, and you can do this Ron, make it a different style or different color. You can just tell that it’s that piece. Or defined in line. Just know that’s where it is. Bottom line is that at home, my animals go on one spot. Basically, it is based on this system right here.

Ronald: That’s awesome information. Why don’t we go over how to install.

Joven: Okay. We are going to mix some up here, actually. I have a one-gallon pump up sprayer you can get at The Home Depot, I think, for like nine bucks. No big deal. We have the gallon of Urea Z. We recommend eight ounces per gallon, just so you know. Eight ounces per gallon is a good mix. If it’s severe, if it is a bad odor problem we’ve had maybe lots of dogs over years, like a dog run. You would probably go 50/50 on this product in the beginning. So let’s talk a little bit more. I am going to mix this up, and then I am going to go over how often in the beginning and so on and so forth.

Ronald: So I don’t forget, too, about how many square feet would you say a gallon would cover?

Joven: A gallon will cover 2500 square feet.

Ronald: Oh okay, wow.

Joven: Twenty-five hundred square feet. That’s why I am saying let’s get the animals to pee pee in a two to three square foot. Then you will save product and you will be able to concentrate in those areas. So pump up sprayer, one gallon, product, Urea Z, I am cheating. These are little two ounce bottles that I have behind the scene here that I am going to put right inside. There’s ways you can pour eight ounces or we also have a one-ounce pump up deliverer. But this is pretty easy, too. I’m just going to put in two of these bottles. Each one is four ounces. So I’m gonna have eight when we are done here. One and there is a second one there. Pretty simple. Pop it right in. Pump it up. Fifteen to 20 pumps and you are good.

Then what I’ll do is I’ll demonstrate how to apply product. Pump up sprayers and a fan. I don’t know if you guys can see that in your video? You probably can. But let’s just say that this was the dog urine, here. I would treat this dog urine up here. I am going to let that product fall right on top and run on down. That’s it. That’s for a drywall application.

Shrubbery? Use this one here. That’s a good example. Same thing. All we are doing is getting enough product to create a good colony. What I normally spray out is about eight ounces. Eight ounces on an area that hasn’t been treated before. I’ll do that and I’ll do that every other day for the first week. Every other day for the first week.

Use your nose. You start to smell less urine and less odor and it hasn’t been a week, you’ve reached your pot. You’ve reached it. You are there early, that’s all. You may take a week. Some may take two. Depending on how many dogs in the situation. You will reach a level of equality where the bacteria has met the bad bacteria and now you have no smell. Now since you are coming in every week and bringing the amigos, you’re going to have soon nothing but good bacteria.

So with that being said, I am going to shoot a couple more things. Here is some shrubbery here along the edges. Dogs like to urinate along the edges. You just get the product right down in the crack in and around and just let it soak. Right now the microbes are soaking into the earth. They’re waking up. They’re looking for food. They’re colonizing. That’s what’s going on.

Ronald: What would it look like just spraying it on the grass? How much do we need to put on there?

Joven: On the grass? So when we are dealing with the grass a couple things you can do if you happen to know the area is real bad in a certain area, take a rake, [inaudible 00:16:38] rake that you guys sell, pull that fiber back so that you can get some of this product right up in there. That’s the main thing. You want to make sure that this has a chance to get into that fiber backing. A light mist is all you need. Early morning is good or late night, not late night, but we don’t want it in the middle of the sun where it is just going to dry up, basically.

Ronald: Oh okay, so evaporate before…

Joven: Now remember this, in the morning, I know water is not coming on your artificial turf, but out in the shrubbery areas as your water cuts on, these microbes will treat there and they’ll grow in there. So if anything else should go on in there, it’s gonna take care of that as well. Or you may have a skunk or animals that come through and urinate, it will take care of theirs. So here’s the application on artificial turf. We are back here now. We are going to move that over to here so you can see maybe. I don’t know how it would look from the street.

I am going to walk up to the camera, and I am going to give you a spray. Pumped up and I am spraying. Overlap your other one. Real simple. Now this is a pump up sprayer. Now, as you can see, probably going to take a little longer. That’s why we would use if you were treating an entire yard, a 32-ounce foam up. Hook it to your water hose, you shoot it down, you’re done in minutes. That’s how that works. That’s how this works.

When you say, “How much?” You have to get the top wet and that’s pretty much it. It’s not imperative that you cover everything the first or second time since you are going to be doing this forever. Eventually, you will have enough. They’ll walk. They’ll move. They’ll cover the areas. They’ll look for food. They look for food. Anything else we can think of?

Ronald: That’s great, very informative. Like I said, we’ve had great results referring the product out. The homeowner that’s actually letting us use her yard for this demonstration, actually we installed the artificial grass a few years ago. It’s about 500 or 600 square foot space. She has several dogs, and after the first or second week that she had the turf installed, she was ready to tear the turf out. The urine smell was getting so overwhelming. She has been using the product now for years and loves her artificial grass and the space and has no challenges with the smell. I would like to introduce you to Laurie. Laurie, like I said, has been using the product for a couple of years now and is a great testimonial.

Laurie: Hi.

Joven: Hi, Laurie. How are you doing? Thanks for having us out.

Laurie: My pleasure.

Joven: It was about after we installed the turf, a couple weeks…

Laurie: It was during the spring season and summer when it really started to heat up. I have the three dogs obviously use this area to urinate and the smell got bad when it got hot. I remember that I gave you guys a call and said, “You know, I love the turf but the smell, the urine smell.” I even had some friends comment on it, too. You guys immediately came out and brought this great product, Urea Z. I started using it right away. I actually started using it about once every three or four days in the beginning. `Immediately, I mean seriously within the next… I normally do it the evening…within the next day there was no smell at all.

Joven: Excellent. That’s awesome to hear.

Laurie: I love it. I love my turf even more. It works great.

Joven: That’s great to hear. Perfect.

Laurie: Thank you.

Ronald: Thanks again, Laurie.

Joven: Thank you, Laurie. We appreciate you letting us use your yard, too. Beautiful yard. You can’t see it. We’re just giving you this shot, but I am telling you it’s a beautiful view. We installed the paving stones as well.

Laurie: No problem. You guys are great. I wouldn’t have anybody do my projects except for Install It Direct.

  • If you are interested in purchasing Urea “Z” you can do so here: Buy Urea “Z”