Patio Pavers Accessories: The TOP 7 Patio Must-Haves

Patio Pavers Accessories

The simple sophistication of paving stone patios makes them a flexible choice for outdoor living spaces. Whether you have a traditional home with an English garden, a Mid-Century Modern with xeriscaping or a turn-of-the-century farmhouse, a paver patio will perfectly compliment your home’s architectural style and your existing landscaping. This is just one of the qualities that make pavers such a popular choice for homeowners.

Aside from being versatile and attractive, paving stones are also durable, slip-resistant, skid-resistant and, if needed, easy to replace. Because they go together much like a zipper, if one or more of your pavers becomes stained or damaged, they can simply be unzipped to remove the damaged stones and replace them without disturbing the pattern or destroying your entire patio.

Paving stones automatically give your outdoor living area an upscale look, which means that — unlike lower-end patios, such as concrete slabs — there is less need to dress them up. Lots of homeowners with concrete patios find themselves covering as much area as possible with colorful rugs, strategically placing furniture to cover cracks, and filling the space with textures and colors to attract the eyes of guests away from the slab and to the decor.

Paving Stone Patio

With a paving stone patio, there is no need to cover it up or clutter it with interesting things to increase the visual appeal. Pavers, alone, enhance the visual appeal of your outdoor living spaces. This allows you to furnish and decorate your patio however you wish and with the option of even using your attractive paving stone design or pattern as the focal point. Because of this, you can express your personal style more freely, whether that is boho chic, classic country, traditional, or a clean and simple, modern look.

So, since your paving stone patio decor can be absolutely any style you would like it to be, let’s talk about some of the accessories you should consider to make your paving stone patio the center of your outdoor living and entertaining space.

7 Must-Have Accessories for Paving Stone Patios

1. Speakers: If you have a particularly large entertaining area or multiple entertaining areas, then you might want to install an entire sound system. However, these are not as popular as they once were, particularly because a simple docking station or bluetooth speakers will usually do the trick nicely. You can even find floating, waterproof speakers for your swimming pool that connect through bluetooth to your smartphone, tablet or iPod.

Whether you are planning a simple, outdoor dinner party or a soiree that involves dancing under the stars, music is key to setting the mood for your social gathering.

Paving Stone Patio with Fire Pit

2. Citronella Candles: This is a classic, inexpensive patio accessory, but it is absolutely indispensable. Sometimes the simplest solutions are the best, and this simple solution for pests bothering your guests is a tried-and-true, effective option. Of course, there are many other options for natural pest control, but for a last-minute or inexpensive fix, you cannot go wrong with citronella candles.

3. Climate Control: Southern California is known for being hot during the day and much cooler at night, particularly in coastal and desert areas. This means that you may need to invest in climate control patio accessories to ensure the comfort of your guests. This could mean a simple patio heater or a remote-controlled ceiling fan. You can also consider other options to keep your guests cool or other options to keep your guests warm.

4. Outdoor Dining Supplies: If you are brave, you can use your good wine glasses or grandmother’s china for outdoor dining, but hosting parties on your patio is different than hosting indoor parties and requires different supplies. For example, net domes to cover food and keep flies away are a necessary accessory for outdoor entertaining. Another necessity is a beverage cooler for keeping water, sodas and adult beverages cold. If you do not want to use your indoor dinnerware outdoors, or just need an excuse to buy another set, it is also a good idea to have dedicated dining and servingware for outdoor living and entertaining.

If you frequently host beer drinkers, you might also consider adding a keg refrigerator to your outdoor kitchen.

Outdoor Dining Room

5. Patio Umbrella: This accessory is really only necessary for paving stone patios that are not fully or partially covered. However, lots of homeowners have additional outdoor living areas that are either on uncovered parts of their paver patio or in other areas of their yards. For these areas where you might want to sit or guests might want to mingle, a patio umbrella is a great, inexpensive accessory to provide protection from the sun.

6. Privacy Accessories: Patio curtains are an elegant option with an upscale look, but there are many other privacy accessories options available. Some examples include hanging plants, folding privacy screens, trellises and shade sails, which are perfect for blocking the view from your neighbor’s second-story windows or balcony.

7. Deck Box: You have to have a deck box. Outdoor storage boxes come in a variety of sizes to fit different needs and are an affordable, attractive way to store patio cushions or to quickly hide toys or dog beds before guests arrive.

Patio Umbrella on Paver Patio

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