How To Use Urea “Z” To Remove Pet Odors From Your Turf + Pavers

Now that we have an understanding as to what makes Urea “Z” so effective, I would like to provide proper mixing and installation techniques.


Urea “Z” is packaged in liquid concentrate form.  One gallon of concentrated Urea “Z” will make sixteen gallons of product.  It is best to use a pump sprayer so depending on the size of your yard and the amount of area you are treating, you will need to consider the size and type of sprayer that provides the best ease of use.  You can use a sprayer that attaches directly to your garden hose.  This method allows you to pour the concentrated Urea “Z” into the container and your garden hose will deliver the water directly to the mixture.

Once you have chosen your pump sprayer, the Urea “Z” is mixed with water directly into the sprayer.  You will want to make individual batches for each treatment or enough mixed to last a maximum of two weeks.  This will ensure an active army of microbes for each application.

The good news is the mixing instructions are found on the bottle of Urea “Z” and are as follows:

  • Heavy use and high odor area’s mix 32 ounces of Urea “Z” to one gallon of water.
  • Medium use and medium odor area’s use 16 ounces of Urea “Z” to one gallon of water.
  • Mild use and mild odor use 8 ounces of Urea “Z” to one gallon of water.

After you have mixed the water with the concentrate let it sit for five minutes before you begin pumping and spraying. By adding water to the concentrate you are waking up billions of microbes that are ready to go to work for you!

It is also important to note that you will get a higher yield and have more effective treatments if you work early in the morning or prior to dusk in the evening.  You will lose product if it is sprayed on too hot of a surface.  If you are working in hot weather conditions even if it is morning or evening more applications may be needed.  Also, windy conditions may cause product to drift and dilute your treatment.  In most cases you will be using the medium use mixture of 16 ounces for older area’s and weened down to the mild application which is 8 ounces of Urea “Z” to a gallon.  There is a pleasant spearmint scent that is added to Urea “Z” to make it pleasant smelling.  The scent, however, is not an indicator of the products strength or urine eliminating prowess.

Area of Treatment:

Any area or surface can be treated.  Urea “Z” will work anywhere and on any surface your pet’s have urinated on. Tree’s, furniture, carpet, garbage cans, walls, paving stones, flagstone, concrete and native soils as well as your artificial grass can be treated.   Also, after you have cleaned up your pet’s poop you can treat that area as well.

Do your pets have a favorite spot or two in your yard they use as their bathroom?  

  • You will only need to spray the product on the areas that have been urinated on.

Do you have an area of your yard that you would like your pets to gravitate to for their potty breaks? 

  • Try treating an area in your yard after your Artificial Grass has been installed and prior to them having access to their new bathroom.  You may find that they will gravitate to this newly treated area and want to use it instead of urinating all over the yard.  Bottom line is, the less area and square footage of yard you are treating the longer your product will last.


Applying Urea “Z” is a very simple and the amount of application frequency will vary depending on it being a new installation of Artificial Grass or older installation.  If you have not been using Urea “Z” and your pets have created a smelly yard, then you may need to treat every day or every other day for the first month.

So you have your pump sprayer and your mixed “Urea Z” is ready to go.  Well, you are close to regaining your yard from those unpleasant odors and are on your way to enjoying your yard again.  For that matter, maybe even your neighbor’s are ready for some relief from your smelly yard too.

Pump the sprayer to build up pressure and on medium mist begin coating the area generously.  Holding the nozzle directly above the area you are treating and allowing the liquid to work itself onto the Artificial Grass and into the thatching of the turf.  We recommend around 8 ounces of Urea “Z” to each area you are treating.   Now, the best indicator is your nose.  If you begin treating the area every day, every other day or every few days and then you do not smell the urine, then you have reached your goal early and now it is just a matter of finding the proper time frequency of days for your application routine.

After your first couple of applications you may get an odor coming from the area.  This is the process of the good bacteria converting the urea to water and the live microbes pushing the expired microbes aside and the smell should go away after several treatments.

If your pets have urinated on a tree, wall or trash can, you can spray above the area and let it flow down the wall and follow the trail of urine.


We have a client that installed 500-600 square feet of Artificial Grass around her pool in San Diego, Ca.   She also has three dogs from small to large.  Prior to her using Urea “Z” the yard began to smell very bad of urine.  We introduced Urea “Z” to her and she began by treating the areas at night every three or four days.  She stated that by morning the smell was gone.  Prior to Urea “Z” she was very frustrated with the smell of her yard.  Now her family has been enjoying their yard for years with no unpleasant odors.

Special Thanks:

I would like to thank Joven Celindro with Urea “Z” for proving the installation information for this article.  I would like to thank Laurie Morton for her testimonial to the benefits and ease of use of Urea “Z”.

Joven has also informed me that Urea “Z” will soon be offering in a smaller bottle that will attach directly to your garden hose.

Stay tuned….coming soon will be an Installation Video and Pod Cast!

  • If you are interested in purchasing Urea “Z” you can do so here: Buy Urea “Z”