Customer Video Testimonials

Bill Matthies Testimonial

Bill talks about his experience with IID….take a listen!

Manufacturer: Belgard | Style: Mega Arbel |

Color: Toscana | Pattern: Random Ashlar

Paul Shanabarger Testimonial

3rd #paver & #wall project we recently completed for Paul in #Temecula, Ca…

he just wanted to share a few kind words.

James Tomaszewski Testimonial

James Tomaszewski just got a New Belgard Paver Patio as well as some

Artificial Grass to reduce his monthly maintenance and water bills…

oh yeah, his place looks extra snazzy now too!

It was a pleasure working with you James….Enjoy!

Marty Sammak Testimonial

Marty shares his thoughts on his new belgard driveway

(the style of the stone is urbana – color: bella) Marty was coming down

with the flu and insisted on making the quick video….we really appreciate it Marty.

Your driveway looks fantastic, the inset border is a really nice touch and

we know your neighbors must be jealous!

Wade Wilden Testimonial

Wade shares his experience with his recent Paver & Artificial Grass

Installation. He talks about how he found out about

INSTALL-IT-DIRECT, and why he chose them to install his project.

Take a look!

Bill Luther Testimonial

Bill talks about how integrity & professionalism are 2 qualities

that are very important to him when making a decision on what contractor

to choose for his patio paver project. Check out why he selected

INSTALL-IT-DIRECT and how everything turned out!

Christian Nassif Testimonial

Christian discusses his Decision-Making-Process along with his

Experience from start to finish. He had 5 other Paver Estimates & Chose


Jim Brown Testimonial

Jim talks about HOW he found us and WHY he chose to work with IID.

He also discusses his experience with INSTALL-IT-DIRECT throughout

the project. See what Jim has to say…

Howard Sachs Testimonial

Howard Sachs is a Board Member of the Woodcrest Hills HOA,

located in San Diego, CA. He shares his experience working with

INSTALL-IT-DIRECT to transform their cracked concrete decking to

a brand new paver pool deck. Listen to what he has to say?

Bony Kari Testimonial

Bony discusses her decision making process in regards to

how she selected her paver contractor as well as how her experience

went with her new paving stone patio installation. Check it out!

Alicia Brennan Testimonial

Alicia talks about her new Synthetic Turf Installation

and her experience working with INSTALL-IT-DIRECT.

See what she has to say…

Theresa Fusco Testimonial

Mrs. Fusco talks about how much more refreshing her backyard is

with all the weeds and dead grass gone and replaced

with Brand New Artificial Turf!

Drew Cooper Testimonial

We retro fitted Drew’s Artificial Grass on top of his concrete patio

by installing it over one inch of padding.

Here what he has to say about it

Michael Talaga Testimonial

Michael talks about his experience revamping his driveway,

side-yard and back patio with INSTALL-IT-DIRECT.

Professional & very responsive!

Steve Buccheri Testimonial

Steve Buccheri gives IID 2 thumbs up after he replaces his

Old Tired Lawn with Brand New Artificial Grass!

Tim O’Shea Testimonial

Tim completely revamped his Backyard with Belgard Patio Pavers and

shares his experience working with IID

Andrew Meth Testimonial

Andrew Meth talks about his experience with INSTALL-IT-DIRECT.

He was so pleased with Phase I of his project with IID,

that he called them back for Phase II. Find out why, check out the video.

Sharon Clisham Testimonial

Sharon Clisham puts the finishing touches on a total home remodel and

saved the best for last,; her beautiful Patio Pavers! She discusses her experience

with INSTALL-IT-DIRECT. Find out what she says, check out the video!

Ron Johnson Testimonial

Ron talks about how the INSTALL-IT crew replaced his old concrete

and about his satisfaction with the project, price, and overall experience.

Alanna and Jon Testimonial

Jon and Alanna Woodington talk about the great job that Ron and his

crew did on their pavers. The Woodington’s feel that the bid was very

competitive, and that they’ve added a lot of value to their new home.

Dennis S. Testimonial

Dennis had some work done recently on his patio and fire pit. Ron and

his crew came out and helped turn Dennis’s back patio into a comfortable

living space.

Mohammad Esmaeli Testimonial

Mohammad expresses his gratitude for the fine job that the

INSTALL-IT-DIRECT crew did at his home.

Andy Berry Testimonial

Andy discusses a horrible experience with the previous company who

worked on his project. Ron, Nelson, & Sebastian from INSTALL-IT-DIRECT

came in and finished the job within four days. Andy discusses how pleased

he was with the outcome of his paver project and his future plans for more

home improvements.

Bill Schilling Testimonial

Bill chose INSTALL-IT-DIRECT because he found Tim Thomas to be an

upstanding person who did not fool around on price.

Shannon Emory Testimonial

Shannon talks about how she’s pleased with the work that Ron &

company did with her new fire pit, water fountain, and seating area.

Jennifer Dame Testimonial

Jennifer chose INSTALL-IT-DIRECT after doing some research with her

husband about local companies who specialize in pavers. She found that

the professionalism and speediness of the crew made for a pleasant experience.

Mehrak Fisher Testimonial

Mehrak talks about the friendly sales representative and the competitive

price she and her family received.


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