Is it Possible to Have a Lawn Without Brown Spots and a Dog Too?

Great Looking Lawn

Yes, you can have a luxuriant, green lawn that looks like you have a lawn-care service cutting, trimming, edging, fertilizing and watering it regularly.

If your neighbors know you have a dog, they will be amazed and demand to know how you do it.

Pet Damage

Anyone who has pets knows they can do a lot of damage to a lawn. They dig up the grass. They kill the grass by urinating on it. They choose a certain path to run along repeatedly and make it into a muddy road around the house.

One of their favorite summertime pleasures is digging until they get down to the cool earth. Then they make that spot into a nice bed for taking a nap in the shade. These are just some of their destructive activities.

However, your pet’s life would not be very pleasant if you confine it to one area and let it dig there to its heart’s content. Let’s face it; your pet will not give up its annoying habits so you can have a nice lawn. You’ll have to find another solution.

The Solution

Artificial grass is pet-friendly grass. You can let your pets run free in the yard, and at the end of the day, and the year, your synthetic turf will still look great.

A lawn of pet-friendly grass will give your pets a place to run and play without getting muddy. And you’ll never have to ban them from the yard because you just fertilized it or want to mow it.

Many kennel owners use artificial grass in their pet runs. The dogs can exercise every day, and the owners never have a muddy mess to deal with.

How to Have an Odor-free Lawn 

A lawn of pet turf will even smell good. At Install It Direct, we use pet-friendly grass installation procedures that help eliminate pet odors.

A turf deodorizer installed with the base preparation helps counteract the ammonia smell that urine produces.

We can add turf deodorizer with the infill on top of your installation to give extra defense against the ammonia smell as well, however, this will not completely eliminate the urine odor.

If your pets have a favorite spot to urinate, we recommend that you can occasionally spot treat that area with a bottle of concentrated turf odor eliminator. That will take care of any smells that may occur because they frequent the same spot and the formula rids the odor from its source so it’s permanently gone.

We use Durafill as the infill for our synthetic turf. Durafill is the best infill available, and it reduces bacteria and odors because it does not absorb external elements.

Money-Saving and Time Saving

Maintaining a conventional lawn can be expensive. Watering, fertilizing, killing weeds and keeping a lawn mower in good condition all cost money. In addition, mowing, edging, weed killing and fertilizing take a lot of time that you could use for other pursuits that are more enjoyable.

In addition to its many advantages as an excellent pet turf, artificial grass will eliminate the expense of keeping your yard looking presentable and free you from spending your spare time doing yard work.

Nobody will ever see that your lawn needs mowing and think you are away from home. It will always look freshly mowed and trimmed, even if you’ve been gone for two or three weeks.

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History of Synthetic Turf 

The first purpose of artificial grass was to give urban young people a chance to get more outdoor exercise in the 1950s. However, people complained that it was not soft enough and didn’t look like real grass, so it was not very popular at that time.

Manufacturers have dramatically improved the synthetic turf materials, manufacturing techniques and installation procedures since then. Now, it is soft, looks like the real thing and is becoming quite popular.

Moses Brown School in Providence, Rhode Island, was the first school to install artificial grass in 1964. The next installation was at the Astrodome in Houston, Texas, in 1965.

Because the indoor environment didn’t provide enough sunlight to keep a lawn healthy, Astrodome owners decided to install synthetic turf as a solution for the problem.

Many sports teams now realize the benefits of artificial turf and use it on their playing fields. The synthetic turf makes it possible to play games indoors in any kind of weather, and the low maintenance is an additional benefit.

Environmental Benefits

Pesticides that keep lawns nice may be harmful for the environment. Water shortages make it difficult to keep lawns green. Lawnmowers that use gas cause carbon dioxide emissions.

By installing artificial grass, you will not need to run a lawn mower, trimmer or edger, you won’t have to water the grass, and it will never need pesticides.

By giving your pet an ideal place to run and play and giving yourself freedom from yard work with synthetic turf, you will be contributing to a healthy environment as well.

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