Getting Your Outdoor Living Area Ready for Spring

It’s that time of year again…

…and you may already be in panic mode.

For many homeowners, the dawn of spring comes

with the realization that hours of cleaning are necessary.

While the inside of your home may need washing and airing out,

the outside facelift necessitates more laughs than labor.

Freshening up your outdoor space for the spring season

can be fun if you approach the task with a positive attitude.

Getting Rid of the Chaos

Most people think preparing a backyard for spring is a tedious chore that involves excessive manual labor. This doesn’t have to be the case if you plan a strategy.

You can eliminate the chaotic leftovers that fall and winter supplied by simply getting organized. Purchase some plastic outdoor bins or wooden storage benches for the odds and ends you find during your cleaning venture.

Finding a place for everything will give your yard visually appealing composition. You can even paint wooden boxes with shades that complement your patio or deck furniture.

Confront this task with the same mindset you would if the items were indoors. If you have a raised deck, transform the space underneath into a closet by filling it with bigger items such as children’s riding toys, balls, large lawn tools or folding chairs.

To tackle the chore of eliminating dust and dirt, employ your children for a day, and give them incentives to work quickly and efficiently.

Let them sweep a patio and remove twigs for a chance to play their favorite board games outdoors. Get the garden hose out and line up deck furniture so they can play car wash.

Grab some soapy sponges and get messy while scrubbing down any surface that needs attention.

Rearrange and Update

One of the best ways to freshen up your yard for spring is to rearrange different elements. This not only saves money, it gives you a new appreciation for your old pieces.

By switching around your furniture, you may even create a more spacious area. Think about how you use each item, and alter your vision in various ways. If your pieces are traditionally displayed, try going for whimsy instead.

Rearranging isn’t possible in all yards because of space constraints. If this is the case, you can still resuscitate a lifeless living space.

By updating several components, you can create an entirely new space. Replace the old rock border around your garden with new paving stones, or add some underwater lighting to your pond or fountain.

Incorporating new, bright, fresh colors is a great way to prepare for spring as well.

Other updates you can do to get your yard ready for spring include:

  • purchasing new cushions for seats
  • adding urns or large vases to a deck
  • hanging sheers or light drapery around a patio
  • laying colorful cloths or runners on tables
  • replacing outdated lampshades with trendier ones
  • placing several rugs on patios or decks for children to play on

Gardens Need Love Too

If your backyard has a garden in it or there is space to construct one, include that area in your spring cleaning regimen.

The first step is to clear away any dead plants, branches, leaves or other debris that accumulated during the cold season.

Regardless of whether your starting fresh or prepping an established garden, working with a clean canvas will make your job easier.

Before you do any spring planting, cut back woody shrubs or plants in order to promote fresh growth. Prune perennials that look tattered or unkempt.

When you’re ready to introduce new plants, take some time to pick colors. Spring is a time for appreciating life, so choose invigorating hues that make you feel good.

Check out the latest garden trends as well such as installing light bulbs into your planters or creating roof gardens.

Freshen up Furniture 

Patio furniture often gets ravaged by the weather and can easily become soiled. If you cannot afford to replace an entire set, consider giving each piece a cosmetic restoration.

You can replace fabrics on sofas, chairs and swings, or you can apply fresh coats of paint to plastics, metals and wickers.

Select playful colors such as melon or laurel green to represent the vibrancy of spring. Treat wooden pieces with richly toned stains to give them new life.

Regardless of how big or small your backyard is, it doesn’t take much effort to revive it after a long winter. Even if you live in a warm climate year-round, your outdoor living space may need to be freshened up occasionally.

For more tips on how to revitalize your backyard, contact Install It Direct. Join our mailing list or sign up for a free estimate, and you can welcome spring with delight instead of dismay.